PREMIERE: Dái-Kan’s ‘Balcony’

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This is homegrown chillstep that’s about to make some notable waves. Drenched in ambient overtones and clickety clacks, Dái-Kan’s ‘Balcony’ is gleaned from the same stock as previous release ‘Devoir‘, albeit being a little more hurried, and of course, instrumental. It feels like an expansive journey through time, with a motif that twists and evolves into its next slightly altered form gradually, rather than one which remains an eicastic hook throughout. ‘Balcony’ is also the first taste that we’re getting off their debut EP, Fields, scheduled for release some time next month after being pushed back due to an issue with mastering. Expect a few more tracks with special guests coming in on vocals, as well as a hefty dosage of classically-inspired writing (which we’ll tell you more about in next month’s issue of JUICE).

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