PREMIERE: Arca’s ‘Anger (VMPRMYTH x YAHNA x Reddi Rocket Bootleg)’

source: Akhyla

In the brief interim VMPRMYTH would give himself until the completion of his follow-up to debut album HEROINe, the man relieves the stress that comes up with recording a sophomore album by producing bootlegged remixes. Previously flipping Method Man & Redman’s classic ‘Tear the Roof Off’, this time around he had taken a fancy to something more recent, a track off Arca’s seminal Mutant LP – ‘Anger’. Judging by Xen, you’d think the Venezuelan producer’s music is an odd choice style-wise for the Akhyla crew to fiddle with, but Mutant is more concerned with soundscape than proper songwriting – especially so on ‘Anger’. Here, with help from fellow labelmates YAHNA and Reddi Rocket, VMPRMYTH turned up the volume to the original’s already somewhat maximalist approach, layering the production with more glitches and bassoon-like sounds. It’s a banger.

Download and/or listen to the remix below:

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