PREMIERE: +2dB’s ‘Breathe’ (Télépopmusik Cover)

source: +2dB

It’s been a year since +2dB did a dual cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Doin’ It Right’, the defining track that propelled them to indie ubiquity in Kuala Lumpur. Perhaps making it an annual band tradition, the duo has gone on to record their own rendition of another prominent French electronic act’s hit single — albeit a less recent one. It is, however, very much in the same vein as their decidedly sombre take on Daft Punk; the airy, danceable summer ditty that was Télépopmusik’s ‘Breathe’ is transmogrified into something far more melancholic than what Angela McCluskey’s intonation of the line “… just another day, just breathe… ” intended. Coupled with a slow burn beat, Jeannie’s delivery of “… just breathe” sounds like a desperate plea as opposed to the self-actualisation mantra of the original song. That’s fine though, we like +2dB dark — and this is as dark as they get.

Interestingly, the cover wasn’t a calculated choice. The French connection was purely coincidental as Jeannie and Jo Ann decided upon the cover on a whim after hearing the track being played on radio.

Listen to the track exclusively on JUICE below:

Listen to the original track below:

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