Postmodern Jukebox Live in KL

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If you’re the type of millennial whose first instinct upon logging on to your computer is to scour YouTube for cover songs, you’re probably one of the two million subscribers jazz cover band Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) had garnered since 2008. Led by the charismatic Scott Bradlee, PMJ’s shtick of appropriating modern pop music into vintage numbers – oftentimes of the jazz and swing variety – is seemingly a novelty that doesn’t get out of style; they’ve amassed 300 million views since last year alone, totalling to more than 500 million views now. While it began with a small crew of Bradlee’s buddies in a small basement in Queens, New York, the band now features a rotating lineup that has seen 70 performers over the four continents they’ve toured. Luckily for Malaysian fans of PMJ, their tour this time around includes the band’s return to Kuala Lumpur. Get your jazz hands ready!

Watch the band’s cover of every internet troll’s favourite song below:

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