Poskod.MY x Root Cellar KL


Illustration Lyn Ong

You clicked because of the lemang burger, didn’t you? Initially, Poskod.MY released a list of its dream snacks to have during Ramadan and it is no secret that the relationship between food and Malaysians is unbreakable — we are willing to go the distance when it concerns matters of the stomach. So, it’s pretty awesome to see Poskod.MY teaming up with Root Cellar KL to turn those dream snacks into reality (well, two of the most popular ones at least). For one day only, these guys will be parked at Wangsa Maju’s Ramadan bazaar selling lemang burger sliders and pisang goreng banoffee. We just ate but we’re feeling hungry again… the food relationship is real.

Date Sunday 12 July ’15
Time 5pm
Venue Wangsa Maju

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