source: Poodoo

T: 03 2142 2900
OPEN: 10AM – 1AM (Sun – Thurs)
10AM – 3AM (Fri – Sat)

We’ve got enough places for the indie-loving-dapper-looking scene kids, here’s a place where blues and rock loving people can gather to appreciate live music. Since its opening 5 months ago, Poodoo’s inhabited a variety of musicians to play here in hopes of it becoming the new venue for gigs. They’ve hosted bands like Heavy Machine, Freedom, Sharin’s Band, Ben’s Bitches, Kyoto Protocol, and The Alley Cats. They believe in reasonably priced drinks with quality, which is evident during Happy Hours. They keep the place upbeat with different sorts of games and challenges too! For instance they have a Twin Tower Challenge, a friendly dare that places you against two towering glasses filled with an infusion of various liquors and liqueurs… sounds like a Graveyard. If you manage to chug down both glasses successfully as well as a chilled white wine chaser, you’ll earn a spot on Poodoo’s Wall of Fame. If you can’t get yourself on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, this will suffice. Of course they serve food as well – what’s a Malaysian joint without food?  The menu is non-halal and its cuisine is between Western and Asian styles. They’ve got dishes like Tom Yum Bolognese, Braised Pork Trotters, Beef Burgers, Minced Lamb Spring Rolls – you get the idea. If you’re not one for music (who are you?) and drinks, they’ve pool tournaments every Saturday and champions stand a chance to win bottles of Johnnie Walk Black Label, Tiger beer towers and jugs. So if you ever feel like having a night out without EDM pounding on your ear-drums, make a stop at Poodoo.

CLIENTELE Usually people above 25 years of age. This isn’t an ‘old persons’ joint but not many youngsters want to listen to blues and rock for the entire night.

DRINKS Their specialty is the three-part-pour Guinness, which adds more depth to the flavor of this favourite brew.

HAPPY HOURS 5pm to 9pm daily. Guinness and Kilkenny at RM50/three pints, Tiger Tower at RM80, Foster’s at RM50/five-can bucket, Johnnie Walker Black Label at RM500/two bottles. (All prices are ++.)

EATS Their premium steaks. It’s tender, juicy and its tagline is “It’s got a price that won’t hurt your wallet.” Also, try the Crispy Cheesy Bacon Onion Bombs – damn son!

MUSIC POLICY Sometimes they get nostalgic and play hits from the ‘90s, but usually it’s songs under the rock, funk and blues spectrum.

DRESS CODE Eye-pleasing. Treat Poodoo as if it were a place which doesn’t garner patrons with the ‘kapcai’ status. So dress neatly and appropriately, well, as neatly as rock requires.

PARKING In Metro Mall itself. Standard mall rate.