Poll Probe: Who Annoys You?

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For this week’s poll, we’ve decided to get our very own psychologist – Dr. Quek, to deduce our readers psyche based on the results. And here’s what she has to say.

To the 36% who voted Miley Cyrus:
You have a younger sibling who receives better pockets allowance, doesn’t have to take out the garbage and gets more of mummy and daddy’s love. You might even be adopted.

To the 16% who chose The Jonas Brothers:
You lost your virginity to an ugly girl/guy at a young age and resent those who still have theirs.

For the 16% Paris Haters:
You’re not blonde, 5″ 9′, have blue eyes and owns a hotel chain. You’re fond of huge animals and is more likely to be an only child. You also hate hotel rooms.

For those who thought Lil Mama is annoying:
you might have mycrophobia – fear of small things!

If Katy Perry doesn’t do it for you:
You hate Fruit Loops and think that women should not kiss other women.

If Adam Lambert irks you:
You like Kris Allen.

If Kris Allen isn’t your kind of guy:
You like Adam Lambert.

If Paula Abdul irritates you:
You have mummy complex and was never breast fed.

If Taylor Swift doesn’t rock your boat it’s because:
You’re not an old, fat and ugly pedophile.

But no matter what they say, we still love you so vote away babies!

* JUICE does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information disclosed above.

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