Poll Probe: Big Disappointment

Dr. Quek is back and she has once again used our poll as a device to decipher our readers’ minds. That’s right! Who would have thought polls like this could actually be used against us? Well Dr. Quek (and she is a helluva a sexy quack) has, and this is what she has to say:

For those who thought Sunburst was a failure:
You might also have a roomful of band posters and do naughty stuff with yourself while looking at them.

For those who felt Adam Lambert is god:
You also think you hear little voices singing ‘Paradise City’.

For those who cried when Rihanna did a no show:
You have a fondness for rubber suits and share the same feelings for Batman as you do Rihanna. You also do naughty stuff to yourself while staring at her posters and life sized dolls.

For those who felts pangs over Nas and Kelis’ divorce:
You wear your clothes inside out and fairytale creatures scare you.

When Eminem CD didn’t quite work:
You have a strange affiliation with your mother and partner. You’re a very angry person and all you need is some TLC and a fluffy teddy bear.

If your heart broke the day Susan Boyle’s did:
You believe in shooting stars, the Easter Bunny and happily ever after. You also talk to animals and burst into a song every time you jump into the LRT. You too have never been kissed!

When Dirty Pretty Things called it quits:
You camped by the CD player with emo songs playing on repeat and you’re still ‘Wonderig’ how did it all end….

Looks like you’re pretty messed up up there, but we still heart you!
* JUICE does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information disclosed above.