police shootout outside paul’s place

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There’s something about Paul.

I came across this thread post in the Malaise Forum, one of the best Malaysian independent rock hubs I know. Here’s the skinny:two nights ago, at approximately 8.30pm, a plain clothes policeman approached a group of indie rockers hanging out at the cafe close to Paul’s Place in Old Klang Road and began firing warning shots into the air with his revolver. The policeman and his partner proceeded to force entry into Paul’s Place without a warrant, pointed his gun at owner, Paul Millot’s face, and handcuffed him before leaving the scene with 25 arrests.

This Harian Metro Online article states that the policeman shot in self-defence after being “attacked by a group of unruly musicians” at the scene. The 25 musicians arrested are to be held in remand for 5 days. The Harian Metro refers to the musicians as having come from two punk gangs: Punk Setan (satanic punks) and Punk Semak (uhm. punks from the bushes?).

I don’t know about you, but this whole thing stinks to high heaven to me.

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