point blanc’s ‘ipohmali’ vid

Point Blanc’s vid for single ‘Ipohmali’ is all done; it debuted on 8TV’s Quickie last Saturday. After spending a weekend filming in his hometown Ipoh in March, Point returned to KL to shoot more scenes at Cineleisure Damansara. Every homie, kaki and member from Ipoh, KL, JB and Penang turned up for the shoot, which was filmed against a makeshift graff wall done by Aerosol Addicts. Watch the vid and you can see a horde of familiar faces including DJ Nesh, Radhi from OAG and er, me? *shameless plug* Here are some behind-the-scenes footage I took on JUICE’s trusty Nokia N93i.

Point Blanc on the video shoot. [youtube]eL2m5qWBCR4[/youtube]

Nesh and his cousin T-Boy’s cameo. [youtube]z1iED6rv47s[/youtube]

Some words from Nesh and T-Boy. [youtube]YywJz1p6yoQ[/youtube]

The crew managed to rope in some school cheerleaders for a cameo. Notice the enthusiasm from the two girls on the left. It’s straight to MTV for these two! [youtube]RBPQp4hs0Zc[/youtube]

And finally, the end product. [youtube]HAoqexVFwBw[/youtube]

JUICE captures reel life on the Nokia N93i. Log onto www.str8tothepoint.blogspot.com for updates on Point Blanc and his vid.