Point Blanc’s gunning for a hit!

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The man has been through it all. Starting out with local hip hop groundbreakers Poetic Ammo, then helping current raprock kings Pop Shuvit get their start in the industry, and setting up a label and graphic design consultancy in between, MC Point Blanc is ready to get some solo shine on.

First off his single-handed salvo will be two knockout singles, “Ipohmali” and “KL Leng Chai”, debuting online on his Voyeur Records website on Monday, 8 January. Checkit! Checkit! Point passed me the limited edition single CD, decked out in Stephen Lau artwork (yeah, I’m special like that, hate me now) and I have to admit, the tracks are straight heat. “Ipohmali” features the talents of Stylustiks capo DJ Fuzz and the lady with the lungs, Jaclyn Victor, while “KL Leng Chai” is a bilingual English/Cantonese track with DJ Goldfish of Maison’s Urban Republic and – surprise surprise – Stephen Lau.

Oh yeah, and wait for February’s issue of JUICE. Point’s going to be in there, along with a few other kick kings, showing off their favourite pairs of Air Force 1s. You know we keep it gully. Say whaaaat!

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