Pogo Up, Up And Away


If JUICE told you to take it and stick it high up there, we mean nothing rude by it. It’s just a form of expression in our new, extreme world of Flybar pogo stick bouncing we’re very fond of right now. So forget extreme skateboarding, in-line skating, dirt racing and whatever else you adrenaline junkies have been risking your life for, the new sport in town takes you higher than Yao Ming on power bars – unless of course you’re Yao Ming on power bars and a Flybar pogo stick.

The Flybar pogo stick was developed by SBI Enterprises (the people who introduced the original pogo stick), Bruce Middleton – a MIT trained physicist and inventor, and 8-times World Cup Champion Skateboarder Andy Macdonald. After 4 years of research and development to replace the steel spring in a pogo with patented rubber elements, what started off as a game or act of balancing is now a gravity-defying sport.

The Flybar can take you up to 7 feet high and only recently, Fred Grzybowski from the States shattered the Guinness World Record by jumping up to 7 feet and 6 inches. Watch the vid above. But before you take on a Flybar, best you know a thing or two about safety. Wear safety equipment, make sure the surface of the ground is safe to bounce on, and know your limits – don’t try to simulate what the Jackass boys would do if they got their hands on one. You should also know the lingo in case you’re gravity planted and need to sound like a pro.

A Flybar pogo stick ranges from US$24.99 up to US$339.95. Check out the Flybar’s official webby at www.flybar.com, that has all the info you need to purchase, assemble and use any of their products. You can also purchase a Flybar at www.ebay.com.my and www.amazon.com.