Pocahaunted: More Than A Woman

Describing themselves as “The Olsen twins of blissed out drone”, Pocahaunted are a 2-piece avant-garde outfit from California. Bethany and Amanda look and sound like twin forest spirits out on a warpath against neighbourhood loggers. While they belong to the school of primitive experimental music – think Radiohead minus the tech – it may take awhile for you to get into Pocahaunted’s music, but when you do, it’s rather hypnotic. Their latest album Island Diamonds, under the guidance of producer Bob Bruno, is their most focused effort yet. With drugged out tribal rhythms and dub jams, the girls’ chanting, wailing and droning psychedelic noise comes to life as an eerie beast waiting to pounce on unsuspecting visitors to their Myspace. Supernatural and mystical, this is one helluva ride through the woods.

Send some smoke signals over at www.myspace.com/pocahaunted and have a listen to ‘Sister Calypso’ (Not Not Fun) while you’re at it.