Plans To Dedicate Bridge to Kurt Cobain Cancelled

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Kurt Cobain’s hometown has decided against renaming a bridge in honour of him. Aberdeen, Washington council turned down a proposal that would have seen North Aberdeen Bridge take the late Nirvana frontman’s name, who had reportedly spent his earlier years sleeping under it for a while.

Several council members as well as eight local people spoke against the renaming and the bridge will stay unofficially named after pioneer Alexander Young. Many speculated that the decision was fueled by Kurt’s controversial drug use and suicide as well as the fact that he often made disparaging remarks about his hometown of Aberdeen.

However, the council did vote to name a small body of land on the Wishkah River the Cobain Landing for fans to pay their respects. An electric guitar statue and a memorial plaque already stands in a nearby park as a way of commemorating the grunge icon.

Nirvana’s most critically acclaimed record Nevermind will be reissued on September 26 with two new versions, the Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions. Check out the songs and footage that will be included here.