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This weekend is still packed with a heap of Urbanscapes-related activities — be sure to check out the Market of Experiences, they have many interesting activities such as tarot poetry reading, book swaps, and cocktail tasting. Speaking of alcohol, The Great Beer Bar is turning a year old on Sunday! They’ve priced all their draft beers at RM25 — quality beers that no one should miss out on, really. In terms of music, start the long-weekend with Viktoria’s EP release, then check out Lost in Discovery on Saturday featuring Reddi Rocket and Ryötjones, and finally, end it with Rudimental on Sunday at KL Live. For more non-Urbanscapes events, there’s Dr.Inc’s food market and a well-curated garage sale at Awegallery.

Lotus Club 4: Viktoria’s Good Girl, Bad Habits EP Release Party

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.34.03 PM

In conjunction with Stakes Shop’s monthly series, Lotus Club, HOAX’s #SADGIRL Viktoria will be having a launch party of her debut EP Good Girl, Bad Habits at Raksasa Print Studio – otherwise also known as the location of Stakes’ pop-up store. Having had an exclusive preview of the EP beforehand, JUICE can attest to Viktoria’s growth as an artiste; diminishing the stock sounds of her earlier releases, the production on this record is far more polished, and her songwriting and lyricism show a real acumen for affecting hooks and memorable turns of phrase. Winter is coming on Friday 29 April ’16, with Sunita Soh heralding its cold dread.

Watch ‘Nothing More’ below:

Date Friday 29 April ’16
Time 7.30pm — 10pm
Venue Raksasa Print Studio

More information on the event here

Friday Nights Live: Sons of the Soil & Manners Maketh Man


This weekend’s edition of Friday Nights Live — also part of the Urbanscapes ’16 curation of events in KL — includes performances by Sons of the Soil on Friday, followed by electronic post-rock du, Manners Maketh Man the next day. Nights at Merdekarya usually involved light consumption of beer, good music, and sweat — don’t miss out.

Get acquainted with one of the performers — Manners Maketh Man — by listening to ‘New World’ below:

Date Friday 29 April ’16 — Saturday 30 April ’16
Time 7pm
Venue Merdekarya

More information on the event here

Stereo Therapy


If beginning your weekend at a club is your definition of a good start, but you don’t fancy the big room sounds of something like Zouk, look no further than to party at COMO — specifically, their Stereo Therapy session. Therapists for the night include house stalwarts Alam, Azran, and Victor G, which could only mean that it’d be a restorative night for those of you hankering for good club music.

Date Friday 29 April ’16
Time 10.30pm
Venue Como, TREC

More information on the event here.

Urbanscapes ’16 Pres. NB4T x Phyla

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It’s been two years since the last The Night Before Tomorrow aka NB4T (VMPRMYTH and +2dB’s joint launch at Under9). With Urbanscapes similarly skipping a whole year before returning this month, it was only perfect timing that we bring back the gig series in conjunction with the two-week long and citywide creative arts festival. Curated together with Raising the Bar boss man Jin Hackman, this iteration will turn the otherwise family-friendly, facile environs of The Bee, Publika into a grimy dancefloor with sounds headlined by Singapore-based label Phyla (featuring Harv, fzpz, FAUXE, and Unconventional Science), Manila’s beat scene luminary similarobjects, and Hong Kong’s producer-occasional rapper J-Hoon. On the local front, we have Mushroom Buttons, Orang Malaya, Fatim, Santaroena, and Home Court.

Date Saturday 30 April ’16
Time 7pm
Venue The Bee, Publika

Follow the event page here for updates.

Urbanscapes ’16 Pres. Market of Experiences


Market of Experiences (MOE) is exactly what its name suggests — a market that aims to engage with the public by offering a variety of experiences through their senses. The event is split into seven parts that range from interactive installations and pop-ups to games. These experiential events are curated by several artists, designers, and chefs.

One of these activities is ‘Moveable Strangers’, a pop-up by With Every, whereby a person can take any book from its library in exchange for making a bouquet of flowers to be given to a random stranger in hopes of brightening their day — it sounds like an ideal activity for a hippie. Or for your social media content because no good deed is truly complete unless it’s been posted on Instagram.

Then, there’s ‘Scents and Sensibility’ where visitors interact with vessels that contain different smells; their responses will then be recorded and reinterpreted as customised stories, or as they’d call it, ‘scripted fragrances’, which the respected visitor can take home. Also, if you’re interested in being given a tarot card reading or writing down your dreams in hopes of cashing it into Life’s ATM, check out the ‘Tarot Poetry’ and ‘Dream Catcher Machine’ booths.

Next is ‘Pong Off’ — it’s like a combination of King’s Cup and a regular game of ping pong, only you’ll be completely sober. How this game works is that one of the two players will pick a random ball that has an inscription written on it from a bowl — it could be LRT stations, music, or countries — then, after every swing, depending on what’s written on the ball, the player must shout out names relating to the theme. The player who wins both rounds of ball and word mentions will be rewarded with a special prize. Hopefully it’s got alcohol in it.

Date Saturday 30 April ’16 — Sunday 1 May ’16
Time 11am
Venue Urbanscapes House, Medan Pasar
Cover Free entry

More information on the event here.

Wholly Spirits x Tiffin x Urbanscapes


Don’t forget to stay hydrated in between writing your dreams out on paper and being involved in other experiential activities — pay Wholly Spirit’s booth a visit to try some of the finest handcrafted cocktails the bartender’s have to offer — they don’t mess around with their drinks, take our word for it. Cocktails will be sold at RM20 per glass while mocktails are going for RM10.

Date Saturday 30 April ’16 — Monday 2 May ’16
Time 11am
Venue Urbanscapes House, Medan Pasar

More information on the event here

Urbanscapes ’16 Pres. The Craft Crowd


Join Nadia Yasliza and Alina in helping you release your inner artist as they run craft workshops under The Craft Crowd at the Urbanscapes House. Customise cards, notebooks, and totes, or even try your hand at some modern portraits.

Date Saturday 30 April ‘16
Venue Urbanscapes House, Medan Pasar
Workshop Fees range from RM30 to RM35

More information on the event can be found here.

Urbanscapes ’16 Pres. Weekendiminlove


The inception of Weekendiminlove — a graphic design and illustration service — happened after its founder, Atie Jaafar, created a mission for herself to make social gatherings a little prettier by using art. She offers a variety of services such as graphic design, wedding stationery, fabric design, bespoke projects, watercolour illustrations as well as workshops. In conjunction with Urbanscapes ‘16, Weekendiminlove will be hosting a watercolour workshop to impart her knowledge regarding the art’s aesthetic and therapeutic value. No arts festival is complete without art workshop(s)!

The activities are split into two parts; the first is the Basic Watercolour Workshop, which starts from 11am to 2pm, where students will be given an introduction to the medium plus examples of the various styles and techniques one can do with it. This class is priced at RM100 — costs for materials are inclusive of the fee — and registration is mandatory, email [email protected] to secure your spot.

The next is the Open Walk-Ins, it’s definitely going to be more casual — and a lot less pressure in comparison to a workshop — for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty with paint. The walk-ins take place between 4pm to 6pm; registrations aren’t required but participants need to purchase a pre-painted greeting card on top of paying a RM25 entrance fee.

Date Sunday 1 May ’16
Time 11am — 2pm (Basic Watercolour Workshop) / 4pm – 6pm (Open Walk-Ins)
Venue Urbanscapes House, Medan Pasar
Tickets RM100 (Basic Watercolour Workshop) / RM25 (Open Walk-Ins)

More information on the event here.

LELONG ‘Love Me Longer 旧物 久用’


If the number of people that’ll be attending Urbanscapes‘ markets is putting you off from checking them out yourself (the social struggle is real), we’d recommend dropping by Awesome Canteen’s Lelong market. What you’ll be able to find here ranges from stationery, to jewellery, to random trinkets that the seller probably hoarded. Either way, you’re bound to find some treasure.

Date Saturday 30 April ’16 – Sunday 1 May ’16
Time 12pm
Venue Awesome Canteen

More information on the event here

Lost In Discovery


Join Dan BamRyötjones, Siq, Reddi Rocket & Nemo, Luna.Dira, Boi Cammora, and EN.VY & Addinsan for a rooftop party at The Row on Saturday. It’s guaranteed to be a night filled with variety — from the setlist to the drinks menu. Also, if you’re a fan of jazz, soul, and a hint of rock, we’d recommend paying close attention to the eight-piece band Ryötjones, they will not disappoint.

Get acquainted with one of the performers — Reddi Rocket — by listening to his remix of thruoutin’s ‘Chicano Heaven Blast’ below:

Date Saturday 30 April ’16
Time 9pm
Venue The Row, KL
Cover RM25

More information on the event here

Bowie Tribute

British singer, actor and musician David Bowie, 1974. (Photo by Terry O'Neill/Getty Images)
(Photo by Terry O’Neill/Getty Images)

If you’re still wearing black clothing because of the shocking passing of David Bowie, head over to Live Fact to watch Joi Noir, Foxlore, Diamond Dogs, and The No Fi perform their interpretations of Bowie’s songs. What better way to spend Saturday night than dancing for the Starman?

Date Saturday 30 April ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Live Fact
Cover RM25

More information on the event here.

Dr. Inc’s ‘May I Fan You Down’ Food Market


Joining Dr.Inc’s food lineup this weekend are none other than Fierce with its lethal briyani dishes, treats from Baked KL, Ganga’s truffles, and Southern Rock Seafood’s fresh oysters. On the drinks side, Dr.Inc will be launching Coley’s cocktail bar as well. It is uncertain if there will be actual fans to cool you down throughout the food market, if there aren’t, just abuse the bar. It’ll be worth it.

Date Sunday 1 May ’16
Time 11am
Venue Dr. Inc, Bangsar

More information on the event here

Urbanscapes ’16 Hotel Takeover


Boutique hotel The KL Journal will see secret rooms and barbecue + pool parties throughout the day of Rudimental’s show in Kuala Lumpur – and yes, the quartet will head back to the hotel right after their concert to play a DJ set alongside locals Mushroom Buttons, Emir Hermono x Fliko, Mmmeng, Shelhiel, and Axel Groove. This party is exclusively via invite, which you can attempt to score one or two by keeping your eyes peeled on Urbanscapes’ Facebook page.

Get acquainted with the artistes by listening to their materials below:

Date Sunday 1 May ’16
Time 3pm
Venue The KL Journal

Follow Urbanscapes here.

Year One with The Great Beer Bar 


It feels just like yesterday when we checked out The Great Beer Bar for the first time; it was everything we had hoped for it to be. We were spoilt with chicken wings, oyster eggs, and a generous IPA tasting. And now, the guys are celebrating their first anniversary! Crazy how quickly time flies. Celebrate The Great Beer Bar’s first anniversary by chugging down all of its draft beers — all priced at RM25 for the day!

Date Sunday 1 May ’16
Time 3pm
Venue The Great Beer Bar, Damansara Uptown

More information on the event here.

Urbanscapes ’16 Pres. Rudimental Live in KL


Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor, and Leon Rolle might have come from London’s thriving underground – feeding off UK dance genres like jungle and breakbeat aside from d’n’b – but in their current incarnation as a mainstream act with two successful studio albums, they combine analogue instrumentation with electronic production as a formidable full live band. Recent album We the Generation continued their winning formula of marrying d’n’b rhythms with vocal contributions by singer-songwriters (this time, most notably Ed Sheeran’s), a model indubitably borrowed from the EDM scene. The night is sure to be, well, mental but in a good way, of course.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rudimental’s work or haven’t kept up with them for a while, watch their music video featuring Ed Sheeran, it’s brilliant:

Date Sunday 1 May ’16
Time 7pm
Venue KL Live
Tickets RM199 via TicketPro

More information on Urbanscapes here