Places to Go on the Weekend of 29 — 31 January ’16

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This weekend consists of clearance + CNY sales, food markets, live performances, and places to meet for hook ups.

Bratpack Warehouse Clearance Sale 

Seriously, what is up with 2016 and these crazy sales and collaborations we can’t keep our debit cards away from? After brands under Fashion Fast Forward cleared up its stock from Atria last week, Bratpack decided to set up shop for a few days. The sale began on Thursday with a few minor hiccups such as not enough counters being opened to accommodate an overwhelming number of people — who thinks it’s okay to open two counters during a sale that’s offering products from The North Face, Fitflop, and many more for RM10? We’d suggest bringing a chair ‘cos you’re going to be waiting in line for some time – it’ll be worth it!

Date Now — Sunday 31 January ’16
Time 10am
Venue Atria Shopping Gallery

More on the event here.

Liyana Fizi Live At Gaslight Café

If Friday nights aren’t spent by diving into a pool full liquor, then it better be spent with Liyana Fizi — without the pool or liquor… and in a cafe instead. Liyana will be performing live, so if you’d like to read in between the lines (get it?) or know someone who could do with some ‘light writing’, then Gaslight is the place to be. The cafe will only accommodate the first 80 people that enter the space, so take this as your ‘last notice’. Okay, we’ll stop with the song references now.

Date Friday 29 January ’16
Time 8.30pm
Gaslight Cafe & Music
Tickets RM30

More on the event here

Critical Mass: January ’16 Edition

No, there isn’t an adult-friendly party happening at A&W (but imagine if Indiego & Co. played there for a night? Waffles and nostalgic tunes? We’d be very spoilt!). However, there is a gathering for cyclists to ride around the Petaling Jaya area. Yes, we can’t believe we’re listing a healthy activity for our readers to consider participating on a Friday night. But 2016 is about change, after all; being around positive people, working harder, and getting fit. Even though you’re bound to fail to fulfil them year after year, the point is you tried. Treat yourself to waffles and ice cream.

Date Friday 29 January ’16
Time 8.30pm
Venue A&W, PJ

More on the event here.

The Hook (Up) with The Panther & Slutski 

Slutski returns to the overcrowded seafood joint with BAIT-DJ-virgin; The (Sex) Panther. It’s his first time, so make it as comfortable as possible for the poor guy. BAIT’s known for playing good songs to vibe to on Friday nights, and to spoil its customers even further, there’s 20% discount for Monkeys — like Monkey Shoulder Whisky and Monkey 47 Gin — not people born in that year, sorry for misleading y’all folks. Despite the name, hook ups are not guaranteed but the odds of it happening may be in your favour depending on the number of drinks you’ve consumed. That is all.

Date Friday 29 January ’16
Time 10pm
Venue BAIT

More on the event here.

Slate Weekend + The Launch of North Block

Since The Row’s revamp from being an infamous club strip to a space for all urban-related events, it’s managed to attract creative consumers who appreciate artisan goods to its space. Currently, it hosts tenants like League of Captains, Butter + Beans, Limapulo, Mojo, Timbre, The Co., and Wheel Love, all of which resulted in its audience growing tremendously since it opened six months ago. So, naturally the next step is to launch the newly completed North Block. But as a space that prides itself in housing creative minds and events, a traditional launch was out of the question. The team decided to host a two-day event to celebrate the best of what the space has to offer; from skate jams and clinics by Wheel Love to a barbecue and latte art battle courtesy of League of Captains to terrarium workshops by Ohsum Mossum and a mother-daughter bouquet handling class by Buds by Ilyana – these workshops are priced at RM150 and RM100 per person respectively. If coffee and working on a weekend have no appeal, there are other games to participate in such as Giant Jenga, a market to showcase local entrepreneurs, a pet adoption drive by SPCA, screenings of films by EcoKnights, and many, many more.

Date Saturday 30 January ’16 — Sunday 31 January ’16
Time 12pm
Venue The Row

More on the event here

Line 32’s CNY Shopping Weekend 

Chinese New Year is less than ten days away — good ‘Ye, how fast does time pass? — which means the great reason of “but it’s the New Year, I need to be in new clothes” is valid when shopping. The window of opportunity to use said reason is small, best get started at Line 32’s CNY shopping weekend where the brand offers 15% off any red or pink garments on its rack — granted that it has a normal price tag on, anyway.

Date Saturday 30 January ’16 — Sunday 31 January ’16
Time 11am
Venue Line 32, Bangsar

More on the event here.

GOODs Weekend Market 

Might as well apply the holy shopping reason for everything — “New Year, new books!” Jaya One’s popular Markets series returns this weekend offering a variety of accessories, clothes, stationery goods, artisanal food, and so much more. Definitely check it out to meet talented vendors or retail therapy. We’re all for it!

Date Saturday 30 January — Sunday 31 January ’16
Time 11am
Venue Jaya One

More on the event here.

Othertone Episode #3 

During an Othertone gig, three musicians get on stage at the same time to take turns singing, alternatively the artistes can chime in while someone else is performing; an impromptu gig session. Think of it as a milder, less obscene (we miss you sometimes Kuning Pening) JUICE Revolver Sessions. For its third show, Othertone has gotten indie dream pop champion Straw Lim, fantasy folk Hameer Zawawi, and acoustic guitarist singer-songwriter Wee Ting.

Date Saturday 30 January ’16
Time 8.30pm
Venue Otherwise Cafe

More on the event here.

Unknown Plus 

Get cultured with Ajim Juxta’s work this weekend; his poetry, art installations, photographs, sketches, and illustrations will be displayed for a week. However, if walking around a gallery sounds a little uneventful, maybe consider attending Minut Init’s Drink & Draw session with Ajim happening the following week. Nothing better than being a drunk (less skilled) version of Basquiat.

Date Saturday 30 January ’16 — Saturday 6 February ’16
Time 8.30pm
Venue Minut Init Art Gallery

More on the event here.

A Sunday Affair feat. William Singe

TREC will be launching its first music-centric flea market entitled A Sunday Affair, or A.S.A for short. No, musicians are not up for sale. Some of the names written down on the artiste roster include OJ Law, LapSap (whom were also the performance curators), Xes Xes LoveseatNaufal of Naufal & I-Sky, Daphne Charice, Bunga of Indiego & Co. (who’s set to play a David Bowie tribute set), and Tubby, to name a few. However, the headliner of the Sunday event is Australian YouTube sensation William Singe. You might have known of him mostly for covering popular songs like Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’. He’s even done a cover of Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’, which was interesting to say the least. As unfortunate as it is that we won’t be able to buy Xes Xes or Naufal, there will be other products up for purchase at the flea market — from clothing and accessories to random trinkets. Vendors include Lah’Lah’LandKOZO, Tea Break, UIO, and Tote. And yes, there will be food trucks aplenty!

Date Sunday 31 January ’16
Time 4pm
Venue The Quad @ TREC, KL

More on the event here

The DR.Inc Food Market

Treat yourself to nasi kerabu by Aunty Czar or electric chutney’s by H — very mysterious — or to pumpkin pecorino pie by Isabella on a sunny Sunday. Dr.Inc’s food market is a great place to either spend with the family — if everyone loves to eat — or to source for new dishes for café owners that need better menus.

Date Sunday 31 January ’16
Time 11am
Venue Dr.Inc, Bangsar

More on the event here.

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