Places to Go on the Weekend of 22 — 24 April ’16

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source: Places to Go

Begin the weekend by taking a moment to mourn over the greatness that was Prince — listen to ‘Partyman’ to prepare yourselves for the crazily packed weekend we have upon us. Check out UK’s dreamy-complex-weird producer, Slugabed, at Pisco Bar tonight. Then, spend tomorrow afternoon at Awegallery as they’re hosting a market that will be selling damn good goods. Later on in the day, get emotional with Tame Impala at KL Live — that’s if you’ve managed to secure tickets, of course (sucks to be you if you haven’t). Wrap up the weekend by camping out at TREC for the third edition of A Sunday Affair featuring talented individuals such as Fatim, HOAX’s #SADGIRL Viktoria, Jocelyn Stemilyn, and many more.

Dirgahayu’s EMER/GENCY ’16 Japan Tour Pre-Show


Before everyone’s favourite local math rock band flies off to Japan for another tour, Dirgahayu will play a warm-up show in Live Fact, which coincidentally will be the band’s last live show till the foreseeable future due to drummer Seikan’s other commitments. The band, however, reassuringly offered that the rest of the band will continue working on new material. Joining the band that night are The Otherside Orchestra, Iqbal M, and LUST.

Get acquainted with the artistes by listening to their materials below:

Dirgahayu’s ‘Dengan Ingatan Tulus Ikhlas’

Lust’s ‘Naga’

Iqbal M’s ‘Antara 2 Darjat’

Date Friday 22 April ’16
Time 8pm
Venue Live Fact
Cover RM25

More information on the event here.

Pisco Pres. Slugabed feat. Reesh9000 & CEE

source: Slugabed

UK producer Slugabed will be stopping by Pisco for one night thanks to the bar along Jalan Mesui and Detour Asia, of whom its proprietor CEE will serve as supporter of the show as well. The elusive Reesh9000, too, will be present to drop some feel-good choons, while the same collective who will VJ at our NB4T x Phyla gig, The Tomoe, will supply the night with visuals. Slugabed is one of those producers with an eccentric internet existence that is also reflected in his production as well as the bits and pieces of samples from rap and hip hop and occasionally, in the doses of humour (be it via his music or meme-informed internet persona). While adjectives like dreamy, intricate, and complex would no doubt litter any write-up regarding his music, Slugabed is distinct from the self-serious UK bass scene in that he injects fun into the whole affair.

Get acquainted with Sluga by listening to ‘HHHHOWLLLL’ below:

Date Friday 22 April ’16
Time 10.30pm
Venue Pisco Bar
Cover RM20

More information on the event here.

Ohrwurm pres. Hunter/Game (Kompakt / Innervisions, ITA)


Italian DJs Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bartola, aka Hunter/Game, will be touring in conjunction with their debut album Adaptation that was released on Kompakt Records. The duo is known for their secret parties called Just This, making their hometown of Milan a definite stop for touring musicians and producers. The party series has even spawned into a vinyl label just last year, with releases tending towards their own left-off-centre techno and analogue production techniques. Supporting Hunter/Game are JonnyVicious, Alam, Antype & Artem Fedula, with visuals provided by ALT.IMG (TheManCalledUncle & Boris).

Get acquainted with Hunter/Game by listening to their ‘Remnants’ remix below:

Date Friday 22 April ’16
Time 10pm
Venue Como, TREC
Cover RM35

More information on the event here.

Damn Good Goods 好物


Bok Tjuv and ZáHuoHang play the role of curators for this month’s market at Awegallery; both titles selected a mix of travel basics, personal accessories, home and living goods, skincare, and print publications from various independent designers — one of the main criteria was for the items to be gender-neutral. Hurrah for equality in the world of retail! Definitely consider checking the event out if sourcing for obscure designers is one of your favourite pastimes or if you have plans to buy a gift for Mother’s Day. Yes guys, Mother’s Day is next month. You’ve been warned. Other partners for this event include printing services a good reason and The Alphabet Press, and retail brands Medium Rare and Ventessecondaire.

Date Saturday 23 April ’16 
Time 12pm
Venue Awegallery

More information on the event here.

Urbanscapes ’16 Pres. Tame Impala

Tame Impala

Urbanscapes makes a grand return this year with everybody tripping over psychedelic rock band Tame Impala. The mind-bending Australians have been riding a wave of success since their first release in 2008, even being named one of the 50 Greatest Live Acts by Rolling Stone. It’s going to be a kaleidoscopic experience that you don’t want to miss as Kevin Parker amplifies the songs from their latest album Currents and other fan favourites such as ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ and ‘Elephant’, undoubtedly nailing the wild guitar solo in the process.

Watch their latest music video for ‘The Less I Know The Better’ below:

Date Saturday 23 April ’16
Time 8pm
Venue KL Live
Cover Sold out 🙁

More information on the event can be found here.

Mari Market at Dewan Orang Ramai


Bring your kids to this flea market that’s to return to the former habitats of leprosy patients. But don’t fret, the site has only remnants of it, Dewan Orang Ramai is quite decent for a creative, environmentally conscious flea market that supports independent artists, farmers, and business owners. You can expect similar vendors at the market, but also a DJ set by Public School (comprised of Rudy of Indiego & Co. and Renry Hollins) amongst the kids on bikes and picnicking families.

Date Saturday 23 April ’16
Time 9am
Venue Dewan Orang Ramai, Sungai Buloh

More information on the event here.

Urbanscapes ’16: Under9 Pres. Project Belut by Raising The Bar


You may ask why Raising the Bar (RTB) have named a project belut — it’s because the gig is going to be eel. We know, we rolled our eyes (and chuckled) a little too. Project Belut (really a play on Project Blowed) serves as a platform for budding fans of hip hop who are working on turning their interest into a career  — or for someone who wants to join a cypher session just because. On the itinerary for this night are guest performances by Ashtin (FKA M.I.O) and Random K.I.D; along with beat showcases, workshops, and more. Everyone’s welcome to either spectate or participate, either way it’s going to be eel.

Get acquainted with one of the artistes – Ashtin – by listening to #JustASpeechLah below:

Date Saturday 23 April ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Under9

More information on the event here.

Zōne Saturdays at S I X

source: S I X

Right after his performance at Project Belut, Random K.I.D will be joining H3 to launch a new event programme at the S I X entitled Zōne Sundays. H3 promises to play only the best 808 music throughout the night, so, if you’re a fan of ‘Love Lockdown’, look no further than this place to get your musical fix. Also, free drinks will be given throughout the night — until stocks finish, of course.

Get acquainted with H3 by listening to ‘Childish’ below:

Date Saturday 23 April ’16
Time 10pm
Venue S I X

More information on the event here.

A Sunday Affair #3 feat. Jocelyn Stemilyn, Viktoria, Fatim, Twinkies, LZZY & LapSap


TREC KL’s monthly Sunday market-cum-gig A Sunday Affair (ASA) returns for its third iteration this 24 April ‘16, bringing with them a lineup that’s decidedly all-out oestrogen-fuelled – well, barring the curators, the LapSap boys, themselves that is. While this includes the nightlife scene’s regular faces in duo Twinkies and LZZY, they’re taking a chance with their curation this time around with the inclusion of bass DJ Fatim (Akhyla/ATTAGIRL!) on the DJ side of things, and Dae Kim-aided singer-songwriter Jocelyn Stemilyn and HOAX #SADGIRL Viktoria, whose debut EP Good Girl, Bad Habits will launch the week after, in the live music lineup. New food trucks and vendors will be introduced as well.

Get acquainted with the artistes by listening to their materials below:

Jocelyn Stemilyn’s ‘Junk Food’

Viktoria’s ‘Nothing More’

Date Sunday 24 Apr ’16
Time 4.30pm – 10.30pm

Follow A Sunday Affair on Facebook here.

Live Fact x Urbanscapes ’16 Pres. Damn Dirty Apes & Deepset


To say that the activities and gigs that are attached to this year’s edition of Urbanscapes is sprawling would seem almost inadequate. Nevertheless, we’re happy that a venue such as Live Fact and the bands involved in this event are getting their due attention. The bands slated to play are Penang’s acclaimed instrumental rock bands Damn Dirty Apes and Klang’s Deepset, both of whom you may have seen perform together at  Dirgahayu’s Commemorate! album launch sometime last year. If you didn’t catch the show, this is your opportunity!

Date Sunday 24 April ’16
Time 8pm
Venue Live Fact

Purchase tickets via Peatix. More information on the event here.

Urbanscapes ’16 Pres. Hujan & Bittersweet


A day after Tame Impala opens this year’s edition of Urbanscapes, two popular local rock bands, Hujan  and Bittersweet, will come together to perform on the same stage on the same night. Alt rock band Hujan had just finished their #HUJAN10TAHUN anniversary showcase in January, whereas Brit rock-appropriating band Bittersweet has just released third album BTSWT, so you might have heard of singles ‘CONTROL‘ and ‘Let It Fall‘. Hujan, too, will release a new album in April. So, fans will be able to hear the hits from the two bands as well as some new materials.

You should be acquainted with these bands by now but if you’re not, listen below:

Bittersweet’s ‘Control’

Hujan’s ‘Kotak Hati’

Date Sunday 24 April ’16
Time 7pm
Venue KL Live
Cover RM69

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