Places to Go on the Weekend of 19 — 21 February ’16

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This weekend consists of eating Korean fried chicken for a greater cause than just to fill your stomach, a tribute to Kurt Cobain, a movie screening, live performances from artistes such as Bil Musa and Ben’s Bitches, techno DJs Christian Smith and Amine K, a watercolour workshop, art discussions, and chilling on a beanbag while watching reruns of cartoons and chugging down beer. Also, if you’re in Penang, get your ass to Hin Bus Depot tomorrow.

#ProjectFriedChicken with KimChick

Project B is the brainchild of the BIG Group, Berjaya Cares Foundation, and the Dignity for Children Foundation — it’s a creative space that aims to help and provide a platform for underprivileged kids whom are looking for job experiences. This weekend, Project B will be hosting a charity dining experience alongside renowned New York-based chef Sung Kim. She’s known for her private dining and catering company — Food by Sung LLC — as well as KimChick, a Korean fried chicken pop-up stall. The menu she’s curated for the weekend is giving us mad fried chicken cravings, plus she included a kimchi dish named Kimchi-in-Law, Disco Rice Cake made with cheese sauce, sweet gochujang, scallion, and Bing Soo for dessert to name a few. The full menu can be viewed here.

Date Friday 19 February ’16 — Saturday 20 February ’16
Time 7pm — 10.30pm
Venue Project B, Sentul
Tickets RM78 *purchase tickets for Friday here and Saturday here.

More from The BIG Group here.

My Indie Rock Darling Screening

Yes, that is indeed a younger Nas-T (also features the first appearance of Malaysia’s MPDG archetype, Cristina Suzanne Stockstill). This movie completed its production nine years ago — choice of font and overall feel of the poster should have given that away. It explores the lives of four teenage boys who are obviously from very differing backgrounds but are united by indie rock because that’s what it does. It will also tear you apart if a girl is involved, thus the movie title. Also, if that hadn’t clued you in yet, it’s based on Mohd Jayzuan’s grammatically challenged classic ‘Indie Rock Darling’.

Date Friday 19 February ’16
Time 8pm
Venue Content Malaysia Pitching Centre

More information on the event here

Ohrwurm Pres. Christian Smith (Tronic/ SWE)

DJ Christian Smith is the head of Tronic, one of the best techno labels out there according to Beatport. Christian’s brand of tech-house tunes has been on multiple DJ playlists and they have even appeared on a few respectable labels such as Plus 8/Minus, Bedrock, and Mobilee. His most recent album Stranger Than Paradise is a follow up to the critically lauded Omakase released the year before. Victor G, Alam, Notion A, and Jason Voon of Technologue will support Christian.

Date Friday 19 February ’16
Time 10pm
Cover RM40

More information on the event here.

Live Sparkle Series Feat. Bil Musa, Anamida, Neuyabe, Hootan Mokhtarian
source: Bil Musa

We wrote about Anamida before the CNY holidays, and lo and behold, we all can watch her perform live. Along with the singer-songwriter, Yuna’s protégé, Bil Musa, joins the roster of performers as well as indie rock musician Neuyabe and Iranian progressive composer Hootan Mokhtarian. With the exception of Bil Musa (depending on how acquainted you are with news from the local music scene), you should head to Taman Danau Desa with your friends and check out these new musicians and artistes.

Date Friday 19 February ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Live Fact
Cover RM25

RSVP by emailing [email protected]. More information on the event here

Speaker Pecah Pres. The Pecah Show
Endee Ahmad

The Pecah Show returns this Friday with a lineup as crazy as the promotions Bullseye will be having all night. Enter for free and get rocked by Ben’s Bitches, Wicked Garden, Endee Ahmad (FTP)Jamaican Space Hunter, and Fine Grains as you booze it up with cheap beer, jugs of Long Island ice tea and shots. Jom kasih pecah!

Date Friday 19 February ‘16
Time 10pm
Venue Bullseye Pub

More information on the event here.

Nobody Listens To Techno feat. Amine K

Don’t let the event’s name fool you into believing that nobody listens to techno — everyone is still in the running to being the best DJ in the world and it’s probably an Eminem reference. Tonight at Pisco, Morocco-based Amine K – boss of Moroko Loko – will be playing songs you wouldn’t want to be listening to without your dance shoes — because it’s dance music, geez. The series’ resident, JonnyVicious, is set to open.

Date Friday 19 February ’16
Time 10pm
Venue Pisco Bar
Cover RM30

More information on the event here. 

HBD x ZAP Chinese New Year Party
source: Hin Bus Depot

Penang’s culture and nightlife purveyors – art space Hin Bus Depot (HBD) and collective Ze Arcade Paint. (ZAP) – invite every islander, mainlander, and outsider (and their cats) to their first official party of this year. In support of the RELATIONSHIFT exhibition, HBD and ZAP are taking it old school with their Chinese New Year Party, opting for a picnic vibe that encourages attendees to bring their own drinks – or rather, “BYO whatever.” But hey, this is Malaysia after all, they know y’all can be lazy af, so the HBD fam will still have food and beverage on sale courtesy of Bricklin Café Bar and Tavern in the Park – the space’s Sunday vendors will make an appearance as well. Musically, DJs Distortnia, Mudah Tropical, Synthication, and Josh Mosh are as diverse as it gets; expect the day to begin with Balearic vibes before seguing to techno and house by night time.

Date Saturday 20 February ‘16
Time 4pm
Venue Hin Bus Depot, Penang

Keep up to date with the event here.

Watercolour Workshop

This is a four-hour class exploring different watercolour techniques while teaching students how to paint still life plus learning how to frame the respected art piece at the end of the session. But it’s not just creative juices that will be flowing throughout the day, students will also be treated to actual juices, coffee, breakfast, and lunch in between painting sessions — so if the price tag for the class is a little hefty, now you know why. On top of being served all the educational and food goodness, materials used throughout the day (such as brushes, paper, and paint) can be taken home by participants at the end of the class. The full itinerary is up here.

Date Saturday 20 February ’16
Time 9am
Venue Th.Inc Academy
Tickets RM398

More information on the event here.

Sona One’s ‘Growing Up Sucks’ Album Launch

In less than five days, SonaOne’s debut album Growing Up Sucks will be available for all to hear. His career has shaped nicely over the last couple of years; his single ‘No More’ won Best English Song and Song of the Year at the AIM21 in 2014 —the latter award has never been given to an English or hip hop song prior to this, making it a historical event for the Malaysian music industry and the young artiste. He’s also gained over a million views on YouTube for his song ‘Hakeleh’ — all done without an album under his belt. The Kartel team will be premiering the album at Lust aka their second home as an exclusive first listen for his fans that have been waiting with bated breath for this album — don’t worry, it’s free entry for everyone. However, given Sona’s popularity, Lust will be packed tighter than a can of sardines, so get there early or cry from the outside. Let’s hope the wait for the 12-track album has been worth it.

Date Saturday 20 February ’16
Time 5.30pm
Venue Lust, KL

More information on the event here.

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain

Celebrate what would’ve been Kurt Cobain’s 49th birthday this weekend at Minut Init alongside grunge heads Raksasa, VP, Rithan, Midnight Snack, and Glass. Wear the sweater with the iconic smiley face linked to Nirvana, discuss the best albums, debate if this band truly embodied grunge or not, but overall, celebrate the frontman that did his part in changing the music scene.

Date Saturday 20 February ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Minut Init Art Social
Cover RM15

More information on the event here.

Spectacles – Cermin Mata
source: Sharon Chin

If you’re an artist, interested in art, or would just like to sit in a discussion to hear two people discuss art, you can do so by attendingSpectacles. Visual designer Goh Sze Ying will be interviewing artist and writer Sharon Chin to offer professional insights on taking part in an art biennale and thoughts on power and money in relations to art, just a couple of ideas among the multitude of topics of discussion. Currently, Sharon’s ‘Weeds/Rumpai’ – a series of paintings of weeds on political party flags – is showing at Queensland Art Gallery as part of the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. Audiences are encouraged to participate in the dialogue as well as jotting down notes or scribbling in the notebooks provided (but bring your own pen or pencil!).

Date Saturday 20 February ’16
Time 4pm – 6pm
Venue Awegallery, Taman Paramount

More information on the event here 

Detuned Series

Detuned will dedicate its night towards abolishing rules artistes have accepted to work around when it shouldn’t have to be a compromise at all because creative freedom, or so the event page says. Under9’s descriptions are always mildly profound or aspirational but that’s what its playlist makes you feel because your attention is redirected to pure techno (while rising above its restraints). Although, nobody leaves the underground gig space feeling like a potential philosopher, it’s always a good time nonetheless. DJs for the night are Slutski and Kubika.

Date Saturday 20 February ’16
Time 10pm
Venue Under9
Cover RM15 after 11pm

More information on the event here

Lazy Sunday 

The beginning of everyone’s weekend is sure to be intense — either from too much drinking or sleeping before midnight. Either way, we know a lot of energy has been put into every respected activity. Lazy Sunday is where a person with a hangover or someone who got enough sleep but could use a little more would go to seal the end of this weekend. There are activities like watching cartoons from a beanbag — good luck getting up after sitting down —with day party-appropriate music by Anders Thage and Victor G, plus lots more alcohol to consume before having to think about weekday responsibilities.

Date Sunday 21 February ’16
Time 3pm
Venue Pisco Bar

More information on the event here.

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