Places to Go on the Weekend of 15 July — 17 July ’16

Kick the weekend off by learning how to make a harmonious balance between cocktails and coffee with the skilled guys behind Bean Reserve and Wholly Spirits at their Cocktails x Coffee party. Then on Saturday, get a couple of punches from everyone’s favourite feeling, nostalgia, with Seven Collar T-Shirt at Playspace, Azmyl Yunor’s band The Maharajah Commission at Live Fact, and famed Zouk resident Terrence C at Elysium Bar + Terrace. Spend Sunday chugging down (or drinking responsibly, whatever floats your boat) craft beers and oysters at TAPS Beer Bar’s Oyster, Craft Beer and Barbecue party.

Cocktails X Coffee


When two worlds collide, the outcome of it can be one of two things – disastrous (Cadbury Creme Egg) or absolutely magical (McDonald’s cendol-flavoured ice cream). However, when it concerns mixing two of everyone’s favourite C’s – coffee and cocktails – the results shouldn’t be too difficult for one to consume. For this drinking session, Bean Reserve’s caffeine maestro, Jeremy Chan, tag-teams with Wholly Spirit’s chief intoxicologist, Callan Green, to create drinks using both of the aforementioned elements. If it were just the two of them participating in this, they’d have more alcohol to themselves, but these guys are generous, so they’re extending the invitation to you. However, you’ll have to pay to join this party (alcohol ain’t cheap!). The cover charge is set at RM30, which entitles each attendee to tasting flights and a cocktail. That’s a bargain, take our word for it. To make reservations or for more information, email [email protected].

Date Friday 15 July ’16 — Saturday 16 July ’16
Time 7pm
Venue Bean Reserve
Cover RM30

More information on the event here.

Playspace Pres. Sound Bites Vol.3 Featuring SevenCollar T-Shirt


Veteran rock band Seven Collar T-Shirt will perform at the forthcoming Good Vibes Festival (GVF) in mid-August. In the mean time, you can catch the adored band performing at Playspace – a quaint gig space in Damansara Perdana – on Saturday 16 July ’16, where you can expect them to play their hits from their celebrated albums Drones and The Great Battle. The band will be joined by rock quintet Ramayan, who are the openers of the night. With GVF and this show coming up, we’re sure fans are glad the band’s back in the swing of things.

Date Saturday 16 July ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Playspace
Cover RM35

More information on the event here

Kontakt Live Series: The Maharajah Commission, Night Skies and Visions, Enope


Ramadhan is over, so cue the influx of events. This weekend, if you are hankering for a gig at Live Fact. You can expect a night with the likes of experimental group The Maharajah Commission that’s comprised of members you may recognise, for instance, folk rocker Azmyl Yunor and Hwang, one of the proprietors of the event space itself. Next, there’s pop punk band Night Skies and Visions who will be releasing an EP soon, and finally Enope, a tech house duo, completes the bill for the night.

Date Saturday 16 July ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Live Fact
Cover RM25

More information on the event here.

Capt’n Trips & The Kid


Capt’n Trips & The Kid is basically a five-piece band made up of kids who enjoy making music suitable for substance-induced trips. This self-acclaimed psychedelic rock band has bands like Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, and Grateful Dead to thank for their tuning. Listen to the band’s album, S R O O M, here, here, but for now, start off by listening to Capt’n Trips & The Kid ‘ What I Need For This Spell’ below:

Date Saturday 16 July ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Gaslight Cafe & Music
Cover Entry by donation

More information on the event here.

The Sweatbox- Long Play (Terence C 9 Hours Special)


Night owls, rejoice! Elysium Bar + Terrace will be hosting a nine-hour long Sweatbox with DJ Terence C. For those unfamiliar with his name – probably because y’all were too young to be part of the clubbing scene yonks ago – Terence used to be a resident DJ in Zouk (pre-TREC, of course). So, if you’d like to know what sets were like during the earlier years of Zouk’s existence, or have never experienced a set that’s over an hour long, head over to Elysium to find out. For RSVPs and reservations, call 03 2022 3818. Listen to Terence C’s ‘Long Play Weekend’ chart here.

Date Saturday 16 July ’16
Time 10pm
Venue Elysium Bar + Terrace

More information on the event here.

Oyster, Craft Beer & Barbecue!


Following the success of the previous oyster and craft beer party TAPS Beer Bar and Southern Rock Seafood hosted together, both establishments have gathered their resources again to organise a similar event, only this time, they’re incorporating barbecues into it as well. So, take this Sunday (aka a day to display your inner Satan publicly after having to hide it for a month) to treat yourself to some of the finest oysters from various countries (French oysters, FTW!) distributed exclusively by Southern Rock Seafood, but if oysters aren’t appetising, there’s the option ordering from the barbecue menu. Then, wash down what’s been consumed with TAPS’ speciality craft beers. Follow the page here to be updated on its menu.

Date Sunday 17 July ’16
Time 4pm
Venue TAPS Beer Bar

More information on the event here.