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source: Pizzolo

Text Ellfian Rahim
Images Andy Kho

Finally! A Non-Stuffy Italian
Those among us who dine out a fair bit around Klang Valley may have noticed a new phenomenon among the latest bunch of restaurants in town. These are eateries featuring laidback and infinitely more casual dining. So what the heck is all this about then, the less hip among us might venture to ask?

Well, casual dining sits somewhere in the vast gap between fast food and fine dining. A casual dining restaurant’s menu is varied, and of considerably higher quality than the paper-wrapped ‘mains’ you find at your average burger-and-fries joint. And the dining atmosphere at the former is laidback and relaxed, but lots more fun than the suffocatingly formal.

Modern Italian cuisine is the next big thing in the casual dining game, or at least that’s what some are banking on. Thus, enter Pizzolo – a new modern Italian restaurant from the people behind Torii (the two yakitori x whisky bars in Damansara Heights and Taman Tun Dr. Ismail respectively) – whose menu is as innovative and fresh as its vibrant, contemporary interior.

Sitting pretty at one of the ground floor corners of the pleasantly refreshed Atria Shopping Gallery in Damansara Jaya, Pizzolo boasts a bright, cheery, and friendly ambiance complete with a rather impressive bar; lots of textured wood everywhere and cool colour blocks on the walls.

Starting off with the Chilled Tomato, Watermelon, and Feta Salad means getting an early dose of freshness as this salad is so simple and fresh. The roasted tomatoes are beautifully sweet and contrast the saltiness of the feta, while the juicy watermelon slices just heighten the feeling of freshness a tad further.

Then, the Blue Crab Ravioli is an elegant dish loaded with fresh crabmeat. This is served with a delightful buttery white sauce as a rich base and also features a puree of tomato, olive oil, and light garlic to round off the explosion of flavours.

And of course, the star of the afternoon is the Garlic Scampi Pizza. A bit of caution… this may not be suitable for a first date type meal on account of the high garlic content! Otherwise, this is a world away from, say, Domino’s Pizza – for one, it’s served on a traditional addle board for that rustic Italian feel and all tasty and crusty with a beautiful buttery white sauce. This is quickly followed by the Trout Ceviche on Kataifi – a light pastry featuring zesty and fresh trout with lots of herbs. Very tasty, but perhaps still suitable for the body conscious crowd?

Finishing things off nicely is the buttery and salty Italian Crepe. The mild saltiness serves to contrast nicely with its vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam topping – just the perfect thing to have before one moves on to, say, sipping a post-meal glass of ice cold Little Creatures Pale Ale from the bar.

So, if you’re up to joining a quiet dining revolution that emphasises less formality and more enjoyment, then dinner at Pizzolo would be a wonderful prospect indeed. Who knows, you might just impress that socialist hottie you had your eye on with a meal that delightfully keeps it real on all accounts.

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