Pisco Pres. My Boyfriend Is Out Of Town

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Ladies, if your boyfriend isn’t out of town, leave him at home ‘cos the club is full of ballas and their pockets full grown, and all you fellas don’t leave your girls with their friends ‘cos they will come after you at the club faster than a cheetah gets to its prey. Yes, that was a cheap attempt at referencing Destiny’s Child’s ‘Jumpin’ Jumpin’, but there has never been a more appropriate time to use it! This night is dedicated to all the women (who are independent) who want to have a good time with their girlfriends without having to worry about their man-child boyfriends for a minute. Enjoy yourselves, you deserve it. But if the DJ doesn’t play ‘Jumpin Jumpin’, somebody better leave writings on the wall for them to realise their missed opportunity.

Date Wednesday 16 March ’16
Time 9pm
Venue Pisco Bar

A ladies’ night out with your girlfriends no longer needs complicated planning, just dress up and girls, you’re good to go! Find your inspiration here.

More information on the event here

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