Pisco Bar Pres. ‘Lazy Sunday’ with Bobby Tan, DJ Bruce, DJ Niall and DJ Anthony


Lazy Sunday is back to cure Sunday morning’s hangover. How? With more drinks, of course. The objective of the day is to be a full-time bum for a day — binge eat (more than usual), have more drinks, sit on a beanbag for so long that getting up becomes the most challenging task to do all day. To bring the ‘bum’ status to a higher level, Pisco will also be screening cartoons for everyone’s viewing pleasure. This time ’round Pisco’s live playlist will be curated by Bobby Tan, DJ Bruce, DJ Niall, and DJ Anthony. We’ve not seen them play before but we’re assuming the playlist will consist of chilled-easy-listening type of songs because the theme is laziness, after all.

Date Sunday 17 January ’16
Time 3PM
Venue Pisco Bar, KL

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