Pirate Radio: The Best Online Radio Stations

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With commercial radio taking a giant nose dive into the cheese oblivion that is commercial music, we’ve taken a shine to radio on the sly and with a side of badass-ery. Enter the online radio station! We’ve scoured the interwebz and found the best sources of tunes to listen to while your at work! No Bieber, no commercials, just some fine music.

Radio Raksaka

Raksaka means monster – as in monster radio. Malaysia’s own non-profit online radio dedicated to playing non mainstream music from around the world. Open your ears to open your mind! Check them out at http://www.radioraksaksa.com/


Anyone who has ever taken a visit to convict island, knows about JJJ- the successful little independent radio station that could. Get your fix of indie – Aussie and otherwise here http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/. Hot tip, their annual countdown of the years top 100 tracks is coming up in January – definitely keep an ear out for that! We hear it’s a kick ass drinking game.


At this San Francisco based station, you get to browse music by genre. With 22 unique channels like boot liquor, mission control, and beat blender to name a few, you can customize the stream to your listening habits. Tune in here: http://somafm.com/


Unfortunately- or for your narcissists -fortunately, you have to make a profile to use this site, but the software on the site will make recommendations for you based on what you listen to. You can also creep your peers for the scoop on new tunes. With over 40 million users, they might be on to something. Check it: http://www.last.fm/

Image: Radio Raksaka

Where do you turn for new music? Let us know in the comments below!