Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2014

source: Pioneer

Since the fingers of the very first DJ entwined with the buttons of a mixing board, the romance between DJs and their equipment has been as strong and genuine as that of Adam and Eve. Hyperboles and pretension aside, we at JUICE know that high quality gear can make or break a DJ (unless you’re genuinely skilled at it), luckily Pioneer has been providing that link between DJs and tech worldwide for years now with their state of the art mixing systems that are as stylish as they are practical. To celebrate all the ear blasting tunes that the brand has helped spawn, Pioneer is holding its 12th Digital DJ Battle; a competition wherein DJs fight to the musical death like headphone-wearing Spartans with riffs and bass drops as swords and shields.

The story behind the competition is unassuming; one sunny day in the city of Orlando, Florida a group of audio-savvy Pioneer ProDJ executives came up with the hatchling of an idea to provide aspiring DJs with a platform to showcase their skills. The Pioneer Digital DJ Battle was born as a result of that idea and today it is one of Malaysia’s best-followed DJ competitions.

Believing that DJ is the soul and the machine the body, the brand takes great care in selecting only the finest DJs to take part in the competition. To be given the opportunity to compete on the Pioneer stage, hopefuls must first complete an entry form on Pioneer Malaysia’s website at and include a 20-minute-long mix demo track (in CD) that can be produced from Pioneer CDJ Player, Mixer, and Effector by the 31 October ’14 latest. The top five entries will then be plucked from the pile of submissions in a thorough and meticulous selection process and the chosen DJs will take part in an exhilarating adrenaline dripping showdown in front of a high spirited crowd of seasoned partygoers and audiophiles who know music like the back of their fist-pumping hands.

The loot that the top 3 winners will take home is a hardcore DJ’s wet dream; RM35,000 worth of prizes inclusive of the latest Pioneer equipment models, cash, and their name solidified in the Hall of Fame. As per tradition, upon winning the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle this year, the champion will then move on to next year’s competition to defend his title. If he succeeds, he will then get to represent the country and compete for international DJ stardom on stage at the glorified Pioneer Digital DJ Battle Asian Championship 2016.

So mark the date – Friday 5 December 2014 – a day that boasts a wild party complete with mystery prizes and gifts for contestants and patrons alike. Don’t miss your chance to get your named carved down in DJ history!

2 x CDJ Player (CDJ-2000NEXUS),
1 x DJ Mixer (DJM-2000NEXUS)
and RM2,000 Cash Prize

1st Runner-up:

2nd Runner-up:
1 x DJ MIXER (DJM-750-K)

Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2014
Date Friday 5 December ‘14
Time 7pm
Venue Zouk Club KL

Organised by Pioneer and participated by sponsors PUMA (official apparel), PUMA Time (official timepiece), GATSBY (official body care), 8TV (official TV station), Heineken, and JUICE as the official magazine, the Digital DJ Battle will be held on Friday 5 December ’14 at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur. For more information on the event visit