Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2012 Chat

Last issue we reviewed one of the biggest DJ competitions in Malaysia, Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2012. We had a chance to chat with the top 3 winners, with Ben Cracko leading the way as he was named as the Champion of 2012’s Pioneer Digital DJ Battle. DJ A-Wee and Bl@ckheart, respectively 1st and 2nd runner-up certainly gave the competition (and Ben Cracko) a good run for their money! We spoke to Ben, A-Wee, and Blackheart…


Ben Cracko is the DJ to hear – obviously since he was crowned champion – having spun dance music in England clubs and bringing the vibe back to Malaysia. His aim? To keep the dance floors packed and to make dance music the biggest sound in the world.

How do you feel to have won the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle?
Like a millionaire! Having the latest products of Pioneer Pro DJ which is a dream for every DJs. I waited this for three years. In 2009, I got 2nd runner up which Anowl and Victor Trixter kick my ass.

Having to replace the double winner (DJ ET in 2010 and 2011), what was your secret?
Yeah, DJ ET is a great DJ. Not many DJ has done that combo. For me winning in 2012, the secret is… well…. eat the right food, watch good movies, do some workout, lots of traveling and so on. OK, what am I trying to say is do the things that you like. Don’t flip the burger if you hate burger. Don’t do the accounting if you hate number. I like DJing, that’s my secret. I’ll dig deeper and deeper because I like it. Substance is the key.

What’s your expectation for next year competition as a whole?
I think Pioneer Digital DJ Batlle is getting bigger and bigger. It’s a very good marketing avenue for Pioneer. There’s a significant growing participants every years. Most of the DJs wanted to use Pioneer Pro DJ products because of that.

A-Wee’s passion for music began at the age of 18 when he watched a YouTube video of James Zabiela doing tricks on the decks. Currently a resident DJ at The Library, bringing the crowd dancing to the groove with his fast mixes from commercial to EDM, his acknowledgment as the 1st Pioneer Digital DJ Battle runner-up will surely turn him into a force to be reckon with now and the future.

How do you feel to be so close (as the 1st runner up) to the winner of this year Pioneer Digital DJ Battle?
To be honest it was my first time in a competition and to reach the first runner up was a good stepping stone in the DJ scene, the excitement and adrenalin rush gave me such a good experience and to fight against such a good opponent in Ben Cracko.

EDM is growing rapidly in Malaysia. How do you think you can contribute to it?
My main genre is progressive electro and my sides are commercial, I think if I were to be given an opportunity to play in front of a huge crowd, it would be great because EDM is always my thing to hype up a good crowd.

By playing fast mixes and bringing the floor down, how do you see your career moving forward after this competition?
One is never enough, I want to be challenged and push to the limit with skills and tricks what other DJ’s can’t see from the DJ equipment, you will see the more of me as I will participate in JUICE DJ Quest 2013 (if it happens), Heineken Found @ Thirst 2013 (if it happens too!) and definitely this year’s Pioneer Digital DJ Battle.


Treating the decks like a canvas with his palette of musical tricks, DJ Blackheart preaches a hard sound but laces it with classic house undertones. The energetic style and personality in a blackhearted set is infused with passion and moody connotations.

What was your biggest challenge throughout the competition?
I knew my biggest hurdle will be Ben Cracko who’s a humble and a sporting person. Well another challenge I had was time. I worked till late night and found no time to prepare practise from the semis till the final. It was only finalised a day before! So next year if I had the chance again, I’ll take a month off work or even this planet. Maybe that was how DJ ET became champion and went to the regional finals.

You have an interesting stage name. Enlighten us, Blackheart!!
Well it all started from Facebook, we used to have this game called Fight Club where mine was called ‘blackheart warriors’. We’ve got members from the entire world.

It is certainly an exciting moment to have you in the top 3, what are your plans in the future?
Getting into the semis, definitely. Yet the finals was exciting already, you don’t get these chances a lot!

Pioneer would like to thank all participating sponsors including TOPMAN (Official Apparel), ICE-WATCH (Official Timepiece), GATSBY (Official Body Care), 8TV(Official TV Station), JUICE (Official Magazine) and MIST Club (Official Venue) and Heineken for throwing one of the best DJ competition.

The Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2012 was held on 7 December 2012.