Pimp My Apple

If you’re looking to have one pimped out Apple product that would have the likes of Xzhibit questioning his work, you’re reading the right blog post. A sister chain to the coolest gadget shop in town (Popmyberry), Popmyapple supplies some of the coolest accessories to make your Apple product totally fresh.

Where can you find this fruity goodness? Both stores are currently in SS15 Subang Jaya but are currently looking into expanding locally. Way too far? Go ahead and order from their website for prices that give China Town a run for its money.

Whether it be apples, berries or urm…cherries, this brand is popping colour into your life and giving you quality product servicing. You’ve officially been pimped.

Pop online and check out www.popmyapple.com for more info and Apple accessories.