Pigeon: Impossible

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This Pigeon: Impossible short film has won a whole lot of awards after its release on 7 May 2009. It shows a rookie secret agent named Walter faced with a problem when a pigeon got curious after being trapped in the government-issued nuclear briefcase after not being able to get the bigger piece of doughnut Walter was holding. A must watch!

Pigeon: Impossible actually took 5 years to make by first-timer Lucas Martell who plays both writer and director. Here’s what he have to say about this project, “When the project started, it was mostly an excuse to learn 3D animation, but by the end of the project I had spent so much time reworking and polishing the story that I just wanted people to laugh.”

The 6-minute adventure on the streets of Washington DC is hilarious! See how he save the world and face a hungry pigeon.


Get more Pigeon: Impossible at www.pigeonimpossible.com now.

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