Pierce The Veil: Misadventures


Post-hardcore is often associated with angsty teenagers, whom were bullied in high school, using the genre as an outlet to feel at ease with themselves. But how does that fare after a person graduates from said toxic environment? There were a few songs from Misadventures that stood out, though these were also the ones that weren’t necessarily aimed at matters of the heart (‘Texas Is Forever’). For the most part, it doesn’t seem like the band matured in their songwriting ability; they’re still singing about what was sung in 2010, albeit their sound is a lot more polished than what was heard on A Flair For The Dramatic. It’s a very listenable album still – ‘Dive In’ and ‘Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed’ are particularly good – but ultimately it’s mediocre as it gets, a quality that has become very emblematic of recent hardcore releases. They can do… nay, the genre can do better.

Listen to ‘Texas Is Forever’ below:

Rating: 2 1/2