Pianissimo: Season Two

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source: +2dB

Findars and JUICE are back to bring you a delightful showcase of sights and sounds — of visual art installations and live music performances — in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The event features a host of acts from here and abroad performing in a pleasantly minimalist setting, guaranteeing an intensely intimate experience.

Season Two Line-Up:
Volume One – June 14: Goodbye Twentieth Century + Azmyl Yunor & the Sigarettes
Volume Two – June 23: Foxlore + Shirin (UK)
Volume Three – July 5: Sulyn Ooi + 2dB
Volume Four – July 19: MõBeat + Gnurr

Date Saturday 14 June ’14 – Saturday 19 July ’14
Time 9PM – 11PM
Venue Findars, 4th Floor, No.8, Jalan Panggong, KL
Cover RM10

More information is available here.

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