Zouk, 113 Jalan Ampang, KL
03 2171 2075 12pm-6pm, 016 332 3191 aft. 6pm
[email protected]

Hip hop and r ‘n’ b have a home in the Phuture.
If you frequented Zouk pre-rework, walking into the all new Phuture is a little like collecting the keys off Xhibit in MTV’s Pimp My Ride. It’s hard to imagine what you can do with a corridor and a bunch of toilets, but like West Coast Customs does with cars, Zouk has miraculously pimped up nothing into a sprawling 2-level space with all the feel good vibe of a block party and the slickness of a Hype Williams music vid.

Set up so you can bust moves all over the joint and not just on the floor, hidden corners and secret turns reveal sexy areas throughout which you can park your posse at. Like it’s name, Zouk also deviated from original club thinking in Phuture’s music policy. Hip hop and R & B has been one of the biggest sounds to hit up Zouk in its 5-year history, and Phuture has been purpose-built for this. Dope LEDs and walls of plasma screens flicker to life with Jay-Z, Snoop, Pharrell vids and more, while a classy deck and balcony suite 1 level up can hold more blinged-up VIPs than you can shake a magic stick at.

Clientele Hip hop homies, R & B shorties and fans of the phattest sounds around convene here to raise the roof and drop it like it’s hot.

Drinks It’s 50% off between 10pm and 12nn on beer and spirits; glasses, jugs but no bottles on all other nights, 1-for-1 all night on Thursdays. On Sunday sistas who sashay in before 12mn get 5 complimentary drinks. If you want more, get yourself signed up as a member or join Zouk and its Facebook groups for further privileges.

Eats Get it at Relish @ The Terrace Bar.

Music policy With 2 DMC champs in the hizzouse (Goldfish and Fuzz) commercial hip hop and R & B is the cornerstone to the music policy and the vibe changes up near daily. New Jack Swing and old skool cuts get name checked on Mambo Jambo Wed. On Thu Alex and Ray Rox drop more Mambo Jambo for 4Play. On Fri + Sat Luqe, Goldfish and Ray Rox let loose the Flava with phat chart bothering beats. Sunday sees Fuzz get Loco when he whips up a frothy milkshake of sweet R & B, hip hop and old skool tunes.

Open Wed-Sun. 10pm-2am weekdays, 10pm-3am weekends.

Cover Wed Mambo Jambo RM35 inc. 1 drink; Thu 4Play RM28 ladies, RM38 men inc. 1 drink; Fri + Sat Flava RM38 ladies, RM48 men inc. 1 drink; Sun Loco, No cover for ladies bef. 12mn, aft. RM18 ladies and men, inc. 1 drink. Sign up as a member or  join Zouk’s Facebook group for deets on blagging it for free.

Door policy Guys have got to be 23 years and above, girls have got to be 21 years and above. And they check ID – so bring it.

Dress code Gotta look fly. That means no round collar tees, sports jerseys, shorts, slippers, dark shades or baseball caps.

Parking There are a few parking lots that sit on the opposite side of the road to Zouk and it costs from RM5 weekdays to RM10 weekends to RM20 to jockey it at the club.