PHOTOS: A Sight To Behold, Check Out These Luxurious Properties In Jade Hills

source: Gamuda Land

If you’re looking for a forever home, look no further than Gamuda Land’s latest landed property, Blossom Springs!

Located in Jade Hills, Kajang, these luxurious villas have a lot to offer. With their elderly-friendly ground-floor rooms and baths which make them suitable as multi-generational homes, to its post-lockdown home design which incorporates the elements of nature surrounding these homes, it’s an ideal place for you and your family to live in.

Here’s what makes these villas a great place to call home:

1. Blossom Springs villas are the widest two-storey link homes in Kajang

source: Gamuda Land
source: Gamuda Land

Ranging between 2,508 sq ft to 2,915 sq ft, you can enjoy a spacious environment within these two-storey superlink villas with four-bedroom, four-bathroom layouts. Some units even include dual facades, with wide frontage views from multiple directions.

There are three types of villas to choose from:

Type A: 28’ x 70’

2-storey superlink house (Hero Units – duo frontage)

Type B: 28” x 70’

2-storey superlink house (Hero Units – single frontage)

Type C: 28’ x 65’

2-storey superlink house

source: Gamuda Land
source: Gamuda Land

2. Each unit boasts a modern yet minimalistic design

source: Gamuda Land

Blossom Springs villas have a simple yet elegant and stylish look. Aside from its sophisticated exterior, it is also equipped with an extra wide parking area, which allows up to three cars to be parked side-by-side.

3. You’ll have direct access to Jade Hills’ Central Park from your home

source: Gamuda Land

Spanning eight acres, Jade Hills’ Central Park is the township’s centrepiece, as it will be the main hub for residents to meet and get to know each other, all while preserving their privacy and security. Blossom Springs residents will enjoy the amenities available, which include a treehouse, reflexology path, children’s playground with educational elements, observation deck, forest pavilion, and an outdoor fitness and par course station.

4. These homes are completely low-density, including the surrounding properties

source: Gamuda Land

With Blossom Springs residing on 13 acres of land, it is limited to a total of 91 units only. Enjoy exclusive access not just within your housing area, the surrounding amenities are built specifically for all residents within Jade Hills!

Blossom Springs is a part of Jade Hills, a beautiful township that is located in the heart of Bandar Kajang

source: Gamuda Berhad

This 338-acre freehold residential enclave features many low-density properties ranging from bungalows, linked villas, semi-Ds, and terrace homes. It has been around for the past 12 years, and it has slowly blossomed into a full-fledged town complete with a mix of community parks and convenient amenities, such as Central Park, Jade Square, Eaton International School, and Jade Hills Resort Club.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jade Hills:

1. These beautiful homes are surrounded by lush greeneries and a 10-acre lake for ultimate tranquillity and serenity living

source: Gamuda Land

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature as these homes within this township are designed to be close to a green landscape. The calming environment of Jade Hills is due to the site’s teeming secondary forest, water bodies, and undulating terrain. You can easily connect with your community even as you take a stroll along Jade Hills. It is an ideal residential area for those who wish to be surrounded with an overall peaceful atmosphere.

2. The recreational amenities within the vicinity allow residents to gather and connect with each other

source: Gamuda Land

An Origami Park, which is a first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, is just one out of many of Jade Hills’ main attractions. It is a pet-friendly park, and it is also a great place for the community to bond together with their friends and family.

source: Gamuda Land

Jade Square is an integrated commercial hub of Jade Hills, which allows easy accessibility for residents to dine out and for retail options. All your daily essentials can be purchased right at the town square.

3. Jade Hills is accessible via major highways and public transportation

source: klia2

Accessibility includes a network of major routes such as the South Klang Valley and Kajang Dispersal Link Expressways. What’s also convenient is that shuttle buses are provided to residents, should they wish to head to MRT Stadium Kajang or any surrounding areas!

4. The gated and guarded township includes 24-hour security

With 24-hour security patrolling the perimeters and CCTV surveillance, it ensures your safety. Access into the township is also secure for residents, as the guardhouse has been fitted with RFID technology.

Live comfortably and luxuriously at Blossom Springs in Jade Hills! Click here for more info.

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