Pharrell for Palladium Boots in Tokyo Rising

It unraveled before our very eyes; in our homes with the breaking news announced accompanied by flashing images and flurry of updates via Twitter. Just as the wounds of 9/11 still reverberate the horrors that life can bring, it shocked us again when Japan saw 3/11.

The earthquake. The tsunami. The nuclear crisis. Then comes ‘Tokyo Rising’ (cue Transformer-esque music).

Pharrell Williams with Palladium Boots came together to produce a 30 minute documentary to tell the ‘after everything had happened’ story. On Pharrell’s journey, we are introduced to prominent Japanese creative minds from DJ Verbal to musican Yuka Uchida who reveal to us their very personal version of the shocking series of events.

It also captures how these people are coping and expressing themselves in wake of 3/11 – connecting us to the spirit of Japan’s resiliency to overcome whilst revealing to us the off the beaten path parts of the country.

Sit down and watch the visually stimulating documentary imbued with the usual gonzo Japanese pop culture ethos here or just check out the videos below!