PETRONAS Saya Suka Malaysia

PETRONAS advertisements have been known to pull the heartstrings especially those by the beloved and still remembered Yasmin Ahmad at the directing helm. The themes of unity and family are highlighted to remind us Malaysians about the important things in life.

This year, PETRONAS is turning the camera over to us the audience instead; posing the questions: What makes Malaysia Malaysia? What do Malaysians love about their country? Their ‘PETRONAS Saya Suka Malaysia’ competition has seen a flurry of submissions since its first week. It is still open to Malaysians who would like to send in their candid video responses. Keen participants can also submit their answers by being present at certain locations where the camera crews will conduct the inteviews.

The top 5 videos with the most Facebook likes will stand to win RM 5000 each!

The competition is from 23rd August to 12th September so go ahead and practice your Facebook voting rights here for the best vid or better yet submit your own video.