PETRONAS’ Deepavali Webfilm Adapts An Indian Epic To Show Our Battle Against COVID-19

Deepavali is here and PETRONAS is back with yet another heartwarming webfilm to celebrate the festive season!

This year, they’ve opted to create a beautiful, fully-animated webfilm to remind Malaysians that joy can be found even during challenging times.

Titled Akka, which means big sister, this loose adaptation of the famous Indian epic of Ramayana creatively draws parallels between our experiences fighting COVID-19 and the battle of good vs evil.

Anchoring on PETRONAS’ 2021 festive theme, ‘Stories of Joy’, the entertaining webfilm urges us to have faith and own our power during this journey towards recovery. Capturing the spirit of Deepavali — the triumph of light over darkness — Akka serves as a reminder that family and faith are vital in helping us overcome any obstacles we may face.

Watch the full video below:

While preparing for Deepavali, Dheeya battles not only her inner struggle for her mother’s approval, but also the mischievousness of Prem, her younger brother. But when Prem goes missing, Dheeya and her best friend, Surya, will have to face a real battle with a creature of darkness, while discovering the true meaning of family and love along the way.

The webfilm starts off with Dheeya and her mother working together to create a beautiful kolam, but Prem ends up accidentally ruining it, oh no!

Dheeya’s mother: “This kolam is going to chase the evil away.”

Prem: “Ball! Ball!”

Dheeya: “Prem!”

Dheeya’s mother: “Prem! Oh, look at what you’ve done to yourself.”

Soon after, Dheeya’s mother unexpectedly has to go to work, leaving a disgruntled Dheeya to look after the mischievous Prem.


Dheeya: “Oh no! Prem! You’re really going to get it from Amma later!

Prem: “Give it to me! Amma! Amma! I want Amma!”

When the little boy wanders out of the house and falls into the clutches of Rona, an evil creature, it’s up to Dheeya and Surya to rescue him.

Dheeya: “It’s the Rona monster! Prem! Surya, I’ll toss this, you launch the arrow!”

After hitting Rona with a hand sanitiser blast, Dheeya draws on the power of the evil-banishing kolam to defeat the creature. You go, girl!


Given the current situation, PETRONAS wants to encourage us all to keep finding and sharing moments of joy, no matter how small.

Just as Deepavali is the festival of light that banishes darkness, we too can find the light in our lives to dispel darkness.

At the end of the day, it is love for our family, the bonds of friendship, and the importance of believing in ourselves that will help pull us through any difficulties we experience.

Guess what, guys? To spread the festive cheer, PETRONAS is bringing the gorgeous kolams from their webfilm to life, wowww!

Created by local artist Lashanya Rangoli, you can check out the intricate, recreation of Amma’s colourful kolam from the animated webfilm at the PETRONAS stations in Lingkaran Karak and Mutiara Damansara.

They’ll be there until 8 November, so make sure to check ’em out before they’re gone!

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PETRONAS wishes all Malaysians celebrating this festival of lights a Happy Deepavali. May light and love always prevail. <3