Petersays Denim Invasion Tour @ Black Box, MAP KL

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Images Bob Photography

Petersaysdenim (or PSD) was founded in 2005 by Peter Firmansyah as an independent denim label in Bandung, Indonesia that eventually expanded into worldwide regions like the United States, Canada, Singapore, and most recently Malaysia. Though their main focus is on producing premium quality denim products, they also produce quality and unique tee shirts and accessories. The brand is so popular amongst the hardcore scene that it sponsors some of the biggest international bands and artists like Everytime I Die, August Burns Red, In League, Miss May I as well as local acts like Massacre Conspiracy and An Honest Mistake.

The brand’s first ever regional showcase, Petersaysdenim Invasion Tour featured original PSD band Rocket Rockers as well as 7 of the best local acts. Co-organized by Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake and sponsored by Petersaysdenim, Lucky Peter Tattoo, PSD Records, The Guitar Store, The Wasch, Papa John’s Pizza, Pentas Aksi, Asia Media Network and, the PSD showcase was completely free of charge. Naturally, masses of music lovers turned up to catch their favourite local acts in action!

Kicking off the showcase were guest bands Dead Eyes Glow and The Padangs, who managed to get the crowd headbanging, moshing, even sending monitors flying offstage… as early as 3.30pm! Next up, I, Revival got the crowd going with their post hardcore and progressive sound while Tres Empre’s catchy melody blended beautifully with charged rhythmic guitars definitely stood out among the other bands at the showcase.

An Honest Mistake may be known as a pop punk band, but they’re definitely evolving into one of the most hardcore bands in the music scene. Moshers definitely went batsh*t crazy, crashing into each other after opening up a wall of death during their final song, ‘Let’s Battle It out with Vesuvius’,

PSD’s first ever sponsored band Rocket Rockers crossed the seas from Indonesia and delivered a pitch perfect performance while Incarnation brought trash into the mix of hardcore and metal-ladden gig, launching the crowd into a rabid headbanging and moshing frenzy.

Fresh off their debut at this year’s Rockaway Festival, metalcore band Massacre Conspiracy took the stage and the crowd went wild. Lead vocalist Ash posessed the showmanship of a seasoned rockstar, orchestrating the crowd like a pro, be it headbang, jump or plain old mosh.

DJ Nas-T might be the only one-man show that night, but his distinctive sound of dubstep drove everyone wild. Ash of Massacre Conspiracy provided vocals during the set, and we definitely felt a Commissioner vibe that night!

Last but not least, legendary metal act Cassandra proved to be the perfect closing band for Petersaysdenim Invasion Tour. Bringing the crowds to an all new level of high, the band had all but torn the stage apart with their in-your-face brutality in terms of sound and showmanship.

Judging by the number of attendees who came to rock out at Black Box (over 700 in total!), we’re itching for another PSD showcase headlined by international acts that are sponsored by the denim brand like Bless The Fall, August Burns Red and The Word Alive. It might not happen, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to hope.

Petersaysdenim Invasion Tour celebrated Halloween the hardcore way at Black Box, MAPS on 30 October 2011. Find the photo gallery here. For more showcases by the ever-expanding denim brand, visit