People Powered Virtual Concert with Yuna by Hotlink


Power to the people! We might not have a lot of say in how our country is being run, but we’ll take what’s on offer. Hotlink has announced its collaboration with Yuna to host a free virtual concert à la Coachella. Named as the first People Powered concert, it is part of Hotlink’s  initiation to introduce a variety of  projects for users. The exclusive concert and its limited tickets are only for active Hotlink subscribers. However with all free things, there’s a catch. Only 10,000 spots are available, which doesn’t really make sense because it’s virtual right? Not like we are taking up physical seats…

Anyway, viewers need to pre-book those spots and the concert, which will be held on 14 December will be streamed live on the website at exactly 8pm. Bless us if Malaysian time doesn’t prevail.   Yuna’s got a few surprises for the virtual concert, including a yet-to-be-released track.

Hotlink has mentioned that the initiative is made possible through Maxis Cloud Services, an internet-based infrastructure which allows organisations to deliver new products with maximum flexibility and minimal costs. After the online concert on 14 December, online users will have the opportunity to name Yuna’s new single and be a part of her video in the next phase of the ‘Now You Can’ campaign. Who’s up for 15 seconds of fame? Whilst waiting for a crooning Yuna, check out updates to the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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