Penang Lady Finds Undetonated WW2 Bomb In Front Of Her House

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(source: The Star)

According to The Star, a housewife made a shocking discovery after she dug up an old World War II mortar round at the front garden of her house in Permatang Berangan in Penang.

At about 5pm yesterday, the unnamed woman noticed an object protruding from the ground after it rained. Out of curiosity, she proceeded to dig up the mysterious object and was surprised to find that it resembled a bomb. Immediately after, she called her daughter who then lodged a report at the nearest police station.

North Seberang Prai OCPD Asst Comm Noorzainy Mohd Noor assured that the bomb was not planted by anyone and noted that the family had been living there for about six years. Investigations also found that the surrounding area of the house had not been modified.

He then mentioned that the police bomb squad had confirmed that the object was a shell used during World War II.

“Our investigation also showed that the place was located in a village where houses were built close to each other… The bomb has been safely retrieved by the Bomb Disposal Unit and will be brought to Penang police headquarters to be detonated,” he said.

Russian mortar round. For illustration purposes only. (source: Evo7125 YT)
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