Peaches: I Feel Cream (XL)

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If you thought Peaches’ sexed-up antics were starting to get tired at the 15-year mark, you’d better think again. She’s back on track with her naughty 5th album, I Feel Cream – the follow-up to 2006’s Impeach My Bush.

Although her lyrical inspiration comes hurling out of the bedroom, Peaches is the consummate rockstar with her rowdy ‘Show Stopper’. Featuring a big chunk of electronic rhythms, background blips and bleeps and the occasional siren in almost every track, like Missy E, this is one chick that doesn’t hold back. Yep, she’s blatant and if you ain’t use to upfront and in your face, she can be hard to stomach. The kind you don’t want to take back to meet your mum. But she can knock your socks off, nay, strip you naked, with this yet another brilliant electro driven album.

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