Pattern Store: Pattern of Good Differences

Where do the cool kids in Subang hang you wonder? SS15 of course, where patience runs dry when it comes to find a parking spot (God forbid the weekdays). It’s a staple centre for college students, residents who run their daily errands, DotA players, good food (RIP Aunty June restaurant) and a chill out refuge. When it comes to shopping, SS15 has also offered us some pretty rad boutiques of late, especially so now with the latest addition of Pattern Store, the newest kid on the block. Sharing the same lot with hipster haven Grafa Café, Pattern Store is a premium vendor and consignment concept store that offers a tempting variety of apparel and lifestyle products you never knew you needed – while you nom on Grafa Café’s awesome grub.

Launched in February, Pattern Store is co-owned by 5 friends who share the same direction and tastes in music, design and lifestyle. Each of them specialises in different skills that cater to each other when it comes to running a small business. Living by their company’s ethos “Easy Us, Easy You” – they hold onto the motto by implementing the word consignment into their business strategy by offering opportunities to independent local brands as well as foreign brands that wants to enter the local market. It’s definitely a win-win situation for a brand looking for retail space as they will provide them the space they need.

A little birdie with a Supreme snapback told JUICE that Pattern Store will be releasing their own products in the near future. In the meantime, Pattern Store carries a butt load of products from snapbacks from The Supply KL to even funny typography posters by SyahrulKifli. We can’t wait – we think we’re going to vomit triangles, we weren’t joking when we said butt load. Drop by and be prepared because you will most probably be spending next month’s paycheck at this awesome store.

Pattern Store carries:
Field Trip
Finders Keepers A&E by Vanilla Studio
House of Harlow by The Beauty Essentialist
Kinfolk Magazine
The Supply KL
Thimble Boutique
Typography posters by SyahrulKifli
Voluspa Candles

Pattern Store is located at No. 55 Jalan SS15/4B, Subang Jaya.  Follow Pattern Store on Instagram @patternstore for updates or at