VIDEO: Pastel Lite Jams Over Colourful Background In ‘Damsel’ MV

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We’ve shown our love for Pastel Lite’s first full-length album Balada right after its release, and the accompanying music video for the first track off the album, ‘Damsel’, doesn’t disappoint either. Directed by Zul Luey of Luey Motion Lab at the cosy Pop Studio in Shah Alam, it’s a well-executed colourful affair by the team that was also behind Yuna’s music video for ‘Falling’. Capturing the essence of Pastel Lite with the use of vibrant backgrounds, we see Eff Hakim and Mohd Faliq’s chemistry as they casually jam out ‘Damsel’ with the help of transitions that pan out to a seemingly indifferent couple – one of whom is JUICE’s favourite leftfield art-noise musician, Sudarshan.

The aesthetic is a stark contrast to the lyrics that tell the tale of a toxic relationship, but that’s the irony of life and the reality that we live in, whether in romantic relationships or not. Even in a world full of colour, there will be grey areas to explore, and for the experimental pop duo’s first ever music video, ‘Damsel’ helps set the tone as to what we can expect from the group in terms of art direction and creativity.

Watch the video for ‘Damsel’ below:

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