PAS Not Down With Michael Learns To Rock

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I never thought I’d see the day that Michael Learns To Rock would appear right here at JUICEonline. But a story is a story and this is a good one. Yes, you may have heard the band that makes a mockery of it’s own name (Michael does not rock) are scheduled to perform at Genting Highlands on 5 September. The gig is now in contention. And while we’re not down with PAS’s reason for insisting on a blackout of the Danish snore-pop outfit, we must say that if it means a ban on god awful music, then for once we’re with PAS on this.

PAS’s issue isn’t so much with the band than the choice of date, September 5, which falls during the holy Muslim month of Ramadhan. Malaysian Mirror in a report dated Monday 24 August, had this AFP sourced quote from PAS youth wing chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi: “We are opposing this concert because holding it does not respect Muslims as it is the fasting month of Ramadan, a time for holiness and cleanliness.” He goes on: “It is an insult to Islam for the government to allow such a concert to take place and we urge all groups to follow our lead in demanding the concert be banned.”

Guess PAS hasn’t heard of something “God” gave us called will. Muslims don’t have to go, brother. Moreover, not everyone is a Muslim and life for non-Muslims doensn’t stop just because of Ramadhan, does it?

According to a report in Staronline, dated 25 August, COO of Star Planet, the organiser of MLTR’s Eternity Tour 2009 comeback, Carmen Liew, has said the show would go on as scheduled. “The green light was given when we approached the authorities. We are not violating any guidelines. In fact, we have abided by Central Agency for Application for Filming and Performance by Foreign Artistes (Puspal) rules that also provides for guidelines on concerts to be held during the fasting month,” she said. Again from Staronline “According to Puspal, concerts to be held during the fasting month must in a ‘closed’ venue.” The chosen venue is considered to be a ‘closed’ one.

Such vocal demonstrations by PAS have contributed to the scuppering of plans for Beyonce to shake her jelly here and has done much to paint Malaysia out to be an Islamic country with an extreme view of female celebrities in the eyes of the world. I’m paraphrasing here but international media have us down for thinking Avril Lavigne is an agent of sexy and corrupter of young minds (giving Avril waay too much credit there) and Gwen Stefani is a saucy sexpot who needs to cover up. Okay, so she is a saucy sexpot.

Anyway since PAS aren’t down with MLTR, which is fine by me, I’ve decided to list some artists who might find favour with PAS since they purport to be Muslims (although the definition here is wide as there are many varieties: Sunni, Shia, 5 Percenters, Nation Of Islam and so on). While religion is between God and yourself (unless you’re Malaysian), according to Yahoo Answers, the following are Muslim, so let’s see them perform here soon!

Busta Rhymes
Ice Cube
Lupe Fiasco
Jermaine Jackson
Ghostface Killah
Talib Kweli
Mos Def
Beanie Sigel

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