Party in Green

Wanna be in a club and know you are doing something good too? New York’s Greenhouse is the place to be. Greenhouse is the first eco-friendly nightlife destination and it’s a bi-level 6,000 square foot nightclub, lounge and event space built from recyclables or recycled materials.

This is the place party goers have been waiting for ever since Club Shelter changed hands. The luxurious nightclub opened its doors in Varick Street with walls covered in bamboo paneling and walls decorated with real leaves. Even the floors are covered with bamboo. The bar is well stocked and serves organic Vodka. And  the dance floor is plain wicked.

Besides that, the lighting is powered by LED bulbs that consume only 8 percent of electricity compared to regular lighting, yet remain just as bright. Mary-Kate Olsen has been seen partying it down at New York’s first eco-friendly nightclub.

What a genius idea and only in New York. Greenhouse opens from 10pm to 4am. Hop on over to and find out more.