Part of the Crew

Ever wondered what it takes to be in the pit crew of a F1 racing team? Well Johnnie Walker recently gave us that experience at Sepang International Circuit. And despite the heat, technical calculations and extreme noises, we think we did quite okay.

So yeah, somehow, we had the opportunity to step inside the Black Circuit and experience the high pressure world of motor racing. We guess we’re good at numbers cause our designated role was Data Engineer. That meant that we got to act as sole communicator between driver and pit crew. Due to the harsh noise, our team had to put on headphones that protected our ears and acted as communication devices. We had to learn codes! Our favourite, “Box box box!” meant that the driver should take a pit stop.

This would’ve been great a job for racing enthusiasts. But we guess someone thought it would be funny to see music geeks (who ride in cabs to free-flow parties) changing tyres at back breaking speed and checking pressure levels and other car-specs.

At the end of an exhausting 4 hour spectacle, our team came in second. Not so say that we’re sore losers, but humiliation came at the fact that we lost (due to incorrect calculations of weight and pressure) to a team that consisted of twirly-haired Reshmonu and Singaporean blogger chick Dawn Yang. Why, God? Why does Thee humble us in such way?

Well, at least we got to feel the intensity of the race and were rewarded with a bottle of Johnnie Walker. Next time, we’ll bring air-conditioned jumpsuits. But for now, it’s time we dug out our old Maths textbooks…

The Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience zoomed past on Friday 27 August 2010.

Images Johnnie Walker