‘Park Like an Idiot’ Parking Tickets by The Alphabet Press


Images The Alphabet Press

Nobody likes a lousy parker. You know, drivers who give their MPVs, Alphard or Vellfire too much credit when it comes to the size of their vehicles. Those who double, triple and even quadruple park, because “I just need to pop by the bank for a bit,” or “I’m just off to get some cigarettes,” and it feels like they’ve gone to Romania to get those little errands done. Those who don’t leave their numbers on their dashboard, just in case they need more time than they’ve initially estimated. Times like these, for the strangest reason, you wish the DBKL is doing their rounds, handing out summons like it’s Christmas Day.

Now, you don’t have to lash out on Twitter or Facebook, or if you’re feeling sinister, run your car key across the side of these cars. Thanks to The Alphabet Press, you can hand on your very own parking tickets, and shove the culprits’ idiocy right back to their faces. These handy tickets are available in a set of 20, (for the off chances when you are that unlucky), all you have to do is check the box that’s relevant to the culprit’s ignorance, and smack them under the windscreen wiper!

Hopefully, such anonymous yet blatant confrontations can soon decrease the inconsiderate mentality all over Klang Valley, and beyond. We can only hope.

‘Park Like an Idiot’ parking tickets by The Alphabet Press retails at RM8 per set, and it’s available for purchase online here