Parental Control

Has the 21st century brought on an era of music too explicit for kids? Or has parental control just become a whole lot stricter? Either way, the Music industry has announced that the all-famous black and white parental warning logo will be shown before any ‘risqué’ music videos are played.


But wait…. there are more restrictions?! That’s right, according to Billboard USA, filters are being placed on downloadable music so your parents have control over what you’re raving to.

Who’s to blame? The Music Industry Body, BPI are making sure that our favourite streaming sites like YouTube and Spotify are sticking to these new rules. Apparently artists like Rihanna, are pushing the limits with her new video for her latest song ‘S&M’ (who would have thought?). So from now on, if you happen to be underage, you may have to beg mum and dad for that new beat you’ve been dying to bust a move to!