Palladium FW15 Men’s ‘City-Equipped’ Collection


If you’ve read (or skimmed) the post we did on the women’s ‘City-Equipped’ collection, then you’d realise the men’s collection is essentially the same. Anyone who has worn a pair of Palladium boots would know its wonderfully sturdy and comfortable base is great for walking down any street without feeling the bumps of the gravel beneath. So it’s no wonder they’ve positioned the collection for the ‘urban terrains’ — what sort of treacherous topography does the city entail? The collection includes several new product highlights such as the ‘City to City’ collection with semi gloss finish and leather trims as well as the ‘Hi-Visibility’ collection, which as the name suggests will involve the boots having reflective material for that nice, expensive sheen we all want in a high street brand of footwear.

Below is the fantastically styled lookbook:

Take a closer look at the products below:

The Palladium FW15 City Equipped collection will be out in August 2015 at Palladium Flagship Store, The Gardens Mall. Prices on all collections range from RM269 to RM599.