Paintball World Cup Asia 2009

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Let’s go shoot people. No wen’t gone all loco. We are talking about the World Cup Asia 2009, the largest international paintball event in Asia, now in its 5th year and being held here in Malaysia.

Yup, football and golf (yawn) ain’t the only sports with their own World Cup, paintball has one too. Happening from 19 to 22 November 2009 at the Tournament Village in Xtion Paintball Park Bukit Jalil, the event is organised by PALS (Paintball Asia League Series) and the Xtion Paintball Park.

Paintball has come a long way since the 70s when it was 1st used as a tool for marking trees and livestock. Now it is an internationally recognized sport that is played in 104 countries by over 12 million players.

In In addition to the tournament, there’ll be a World Cup Asia paintball expo featuring the various forms of paintball accessories and attire and a ‘one with the gun’ clinic with Swedish pro Max Lundquist.

A players (not playas) party takes place at Mist on the last day of the event with Prem from Fly FM on the decks. It’s free for ladies, so only men have to cough up the cover charge.

All you peeps interested in joining the tournament, please log on to To find out more, call 03 8024 7881 Fight, conquer and win etc.