‘Kutu’ the Lost Doggo Who Followed Sabahan for 120km Will Reunite With Owner in Awesome Plot Twist

(source: Sinar Harian)

ICYMI, a Sabahan who identifies as Alixson Mangundok walked for three days from Kota Kinabalu to his hometown after returning from Japan so that he could isolate himself amid the pandemic. Along the way, a friendly doggo tagged along! They immediately became “partners in crime” and walked around 120 km – sharing this incredible journey together – to Kota Marudu.

Turns out, their relationship is short-lived as the stray dog that Alixson name Hachiko, has been claimed by its owner. According to The Star, when the story went viral, Aelisah Ajun posted on her Facebook that she suspected the dog could be hers as she had lost a similar-looking furkid, named Kutu, on 26 March.

Aelisah and Alixson have been in contact through social media and are making plans to reunite Hachiko/Kutu with her.

(source: Odu Mimbobok FB)

Alixson said though he feels sad that he has to separate with Hachiko, he knows it is for the best, as he could leave anytime and continue his work overseas. He travels for work a lot and doesn’t know when he’ll be leaving his hometown again.

“The owners said they would come here and collect him after MCO… So, it is bittersweet for me but for now, as long as Hachiko is still with me, I will cherish our time together and take good care of him,” he said.

In the FB post that Aelisah made, she stated that, she and her husband have been taking care of Kutu since before Chinese New Year. When they first got Kutu, it was infected with fleas and they did all they could to treat it including giving it medications and baths. Fortunately, Kutu only became its nickname.

“When Kutu went missing, I was heartbroken and I told my husband every day to search for him, even though he is just a dog,” Aelisah said.

(source: Aelisah Ajun FB)

Not long after that, news of Alixson and Hachiko went viral and that’s when she reached out.

She added, “I am proud and glad Kutu was someone’s companion during that person’s tough time, and glad Kutu made that person’s journey much easier but he is mine, and I want him back because I love my dog.”

Although many have asked her to let Kutu stay with Alixson, she insists on getting him back as it’s her love for Kutu that matters. She also thanked him for taking care of Kutu and feeding him.

She said she will get Kutu his favourite ayam penyet meal once it returns home. Awww….

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