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There’s nothing better we like than fresh beer. Merry beer fans, tourists and city dwellers all have a reason to be excited just in time before Christmas as KL’s latest entertainment outlet Overtime brings a brand new German ‘fresh beer’ called Starker.

You won’t be able to taste and “Prost” fresh beer anywhere else other than Overtime as it is the first and only entertainment outlet in Malaysia to introduce fresh beer.

Fresh beer is made using the traditional process of blending the sugars from malted grains with hop flowers and water combined with the skills of the Master Brewer. With Starker, regular beer drinkers need not travel far to find comfort in downing a pint or two. Starker is served traditionally in standard and mini barrels.

Overtime will also tempt discerning palates with unique beer infused dishes that complements the Starker beer. More fresh beer in the form of food? Wow! Just make sure your taste buds can handle all that in one go. Don’t fret about making it to work with a hangover the next morning, because at Overtime it is never about work.

Overtime officially opens its doors to the public on the 17 December 2009. It is located at the Life Centre along Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. For more, log onto www.overtime.com.my.