OverTime 1st Anniversary @ Tropicana City Mall

OverTime is the spot to go if you are looking for the locally brewed German beer, Starker. Recently they celebrated their 1st anniversary with the opening of the restaurant bar’s latest opening at Tropicana City Mall. The launch was also graced by Taiwanese model and actress, Lin Chiling.

It was a grand carnival parade launch as dancers, bag pipers and luxurious sports cars ushered in special guest Lin Chiling with some other local celebs. Alan Loh, the head of entertainment and marketing of OverTime and Lin Chiling hammered a tap into a Starker barrel to get the party started. Taiwanese singer Olivia Ong was there to entertain with her songs before the live band took over the rest of the night as the crowd continue to party on.

OverTime 1st Anniversary was held at Tropicana City Mall on Saturday, 18 December 2010. More pics here.